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Kamali: Here’s Why Rachana Is A Character We Will All Relate To


October 18, 2020

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Check out how Rachana is the most important and relatable character in Kamali and Rishi’s love story.

In the previous episodes of Kamali, we see, Rachana tells Kamali that she is aware of what Anika has been doing and acting in a distant manner with Rishi is all part of Anika’s plan. Kamali, afraid that Chandru’s life may be in danger, tells Rachana that there is nothing happening and she is overthinking the same.

Rachana is Rishi’s sister and the most relatable character in the show. She has that one best friend that we all have in our life while also being the most ideal sister to Rishi and the youngest family member that everyone is so fond of. From the very beginning, we have seen a special bond that she shares with Rishi. She has guided him with his feelings and been a motherly figure to him in a way that Tara could also never be to Rishi. Not only that, but she has also been a guiding light to Belli with regard to her feelings for Rishi. As for a daughter, she has been no less than a daughter to Gowri.

Rishi, Kamali and Rachana

While Rachana is seen battling with her own problems, she has always been there for Rishi ready to fight the world for him. She doesn’t express much that is on her mind and fights off all the hurdles that come her way. When there are misunderstandings between Rishi and Kamali, she has made them understand the importance of relationships and how to make things work by trying to understand the perspective of one another.

As for Anika, Rachana has made her realise that she cannot always have her way at the cost of someone else’s peace. Many times, she has told Anika to stay away from Kamali and Rishi as they were always meant to be. Recently, she also discovers that Kamali is acting indifferent towards Rishi only because Anika must have told her something that threatens their relationship. We see her going to Kamali and telling her that whatever the problem is, they will be able to solve it if they work as a team.

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