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Jothe Jotheyali Written Update 16 October 2020: Jhende Comes To Anu’s House


October 15, 2020

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In the previous episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Anu talks to Arya about how their schedules are different and that it should remain that way as they have different responsibilities in the company. While Arya is busier and needs to take care of the more important issues in hand, Anu takes care of a particular department that is a large part of the entire company. They also decide to meet each other whenever they have free time in hand. Arya thanks Anu for making life so simple and beautiful to which Anu says that it is the third time that he is thanking her.

In this episode, Anu calls up her friend to ask her the process to get the degree certificate. She also tells her that Subbu and Pushpa have been asking her to get the certificate from a very long time. Just as she is talking, Arya calls her and asks her why she did not call when she reached. He also tells her that if she could inform him after leaving, she must inform him when she reaches also. She continues to talk to him when Subbu comes out and sees her. He asks her who she is talking to but Anu lies about the same and tells him that she was talking to a friend.

Anu and Subbu

Later that day, Pushpa and Subbu are having a friendly banter about how healthy Subbu is when Jhende comes in and tells her that she was supposed to sign particular documents but mentions that she had forgotten the same. Anu gets tense when she realises that she did not complete the work that she was asked to do. She opens the file to read it but realises that it is the wrong file. She tells Jhende the same and they both decide to go to the office again. Just as they are going, Raghupathi is standing outside Anu’s house when Jhende and her get ready to leave. He sees Anu and tells her that people usually come back from work at this time but she is going back to the office. Anu tells Jhende that they must leave as they do not have any time to waste.

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