Johnson & Jonson Stalls COVID Vaccine Trials After Volunteer Falls Ill

The phase three trials by J&J will restart once the cause of the participant’s illness, which the company has called unexplainable, is assessed

Raghav N

October 13, 2020

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Pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson announced on Monday that it had temporarily stalled its COVID19 vaccine trials after one of its volunteers fell sick. Calling it an inexplicable illness, the company said that serious adverse effects are a part of any clinical trial, especially a large one like this.

It will now be investigated if the candidate took ill after the administration of a drug used as a part of the trial. The online enrolment program for participants has also been stopped for now.

The American-based organization had started its phase three registrations in late September, calling for 60,000 applicants. This was in the United States as well as some other countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Mexico, Peru and South Africa.

If the J&J Coronavirus vaccine is a success eventually, it will become the first single shot injection, which is a much simpler process compared to competitors like Moderna and AstraZeneca, who are working on double shot inoculations. The two-shot variant is a more cumbersome process with the immunization given in two batches, separated by some weeks.

Before Johnson and Jonson, Astra Zeneca had also faced a roadblock in its human trials when one of their candidates fell sick. The issue was however resolved and the trials reinstated.

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