Jair Bolsonaro Gets Called Out For ‘Covid-19 Mismanagement’ By Passengers In Commercial Jet

Jair Bolsonaro was reportedly on his way to Espirito Santo to inaugurate a public works project. At the airport, he briefly entered a departing plane where he was hurled abuses.

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June 22, 2021

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Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro was reportedly ‘booed’ by his opponents when he was in a commercial jet, meeting his supporters. As per reports, his opponents were shouting ‘at the top of their lungs’, hurling abuses, and calling him names. Some of the terms used against him include ‘Get out, Bolsonaro!’ and ‘Genocidal Maniac.’ As per reports, the whole episode was recorded and shared on social media where it became viral under the hashtag ‘ForaBolsonaro’.

Bolsonaro was reportedly on his way to visit the Southeastern State of Espirito Santo to inaugurate a public works project. At the airport, he briefly entered a departing plane to ‘say hello.’ In the front or more expensive section of the plane, passengers greeted him and even clicked selfies with him.

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However, when he entered the back section of the plane, passengers started hurling abuses at him. Reports claim that a passenger also showed him the middle finger. He was called a ‘genocidal manic’ in reference to his ‘widely questioned handling of Covid-19.’ Reports suggest that the coronavirus in Brazil has claimed 4,80,000 so far, second to the number of deaths in the USA.

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In response to the abuses coming at him, Bolsonaro allegedly took off his mask and said, ‘those people saying get out Bolsonaro, should be travelling by a donkey.’ It was reported by Brazilian media that he took off his mask at the airport as well, which is against the Covid-19 safety regulations.

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According to reports, Bolsonaro has criticized various Covid-19 safety regulations such as wearing face masks, lockdowns, and vaccines. In lieu of these regulations, Bolsonaro reportedly touted the medicine Chloroquine even though studies have shown that it is ineffective against the coronavirus.

Along with Covid-19 deaths in Brazil, Bolsonaro’s ‘disapproval rating’ has increased drastically as well. The opponents are ‘increasingly ready’ to hold protests on the street despite the pandemic. They have reportedly called for new demonstrations on the opening day of the South American Football Championships called Copa America.

Reports also claim that Bolsonaro denied warnings issued by epidemiologists to conduct the Tournament in Brazil. It was initially supposed to be hosted by Argentina and Colombia but they did not go through with it due to increasing caseload and social unrest.

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