India Gears Up For Its Upcoming Vaccination Drive

Trucks installed with GPS, Z plus security for vaccine boxes and warehouses with CCTV and finger recognition machines are some of the measures taken by India as it starts its Coronavirus vaccination initiative in three days

Raghav N

January 13, 2021

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With just three days to go for India’s vaccination drive, the government, vaccine manufacturers and all the agencies involved in the final fight against Coronavirus are leaving no stone unturned to ensure the best output. Visuals of sealed boxes getting loaded into trucks that will go to 13 cities have emerged. Z plus security, that is usually given to top politicians has been arranged for the vaccine dosages. A police officer will escort each shipment till it reaches its respective city from the Serum Institute of India’s production unit.

According to an official involved in this initiative, a three-layer protection, including a CCTV camera, policeman and a hospital staff has been deployed at each point. While the biggest threat could be of theft, pilferage and robbery, both, the immunisation manufacturers and the government also need to be wary of counterfeiting and black marketing in the coming days.

The Uttar Pradesh administration is monitoring the movement of the shots 24 hours a day. District Magistrate of Lucknow, Abhishek Prasad said that staff has been trained in the recent dry run and will be able to manage the procedure well.

For a stress-free vaccination program, trucks transporting the injections have been installed with a GPS system to track its movements. Vaccine companies are looking at an end to end traceability mechanism with radio frequency identification and bar coding to monitor the supply, storage, transportation and distribution. Even at warehouses, finger-recognition devices have been installed and an automated data logger that monitors storage temperature and transfers a message every 3 seconds to a sensor unit under tight surveillance has been set up.

India will begin vaccinating its population to combat the Coronavirus with the two approved candidates, the Covaxin by Bharat Biotech and the Oxford AstraZeneca and SII manufactured Covishield.

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