Here’s Why Kavita Kaushik Didn’t Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi For 5 Years.

Kavita Kaushik has celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi this year for the first time in five years. Shared pictures with Kapil Sharma, his wife and Bharti


September 12, 2021

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Television actor Kavita Kaushik opened about why she stopped celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi after her father’s death in 2016. In a new post on Instagram, Kavita shared pictures with Kapil Sharma, his wife Ginni Chatrath, and Bharti Singh. She also dropped a picture of bringing Bappa into her new home after five years.

In the first picture, Kavita Kaushik gave a glimpse of her house with an idol of Ganesha decorated with flowers on a table. Her husband Ronnit Biswas posed with their pets.

Kavita posed with Kapil Sharma, Ginni, and Bharti in the next few pictures as she visited Kapil’s home. In the Instagram Stories, she shared a photo with Kapil’s mother.

Kavita captioned the posts and said that in 2016 when her father died, she discontinued bringing The Elephant God home as she was fighting with God Mahadev. She blamed him for taking her dad away and promised him that she wouldn’tn’t love his son, Ganesha.

She continued saying how she lost her fire to achieve, her zeal and ambition. But believed that God made her and also pulled her out of her self-made barriers.

She added that today, she can’t thank the lord enough for the abundant love she has received in her life. She had never thought she would get love and care as her father showered on her. She seemed glad to bring back Bappa into her new home after a five-year break, and Bappa made her get him not just at home but carrying him in her arms on national TV.

Kavita Kaushik looked beautiful in traditional wear. Kapil Sharma, Bharti Singh, and Kapil’s wife Ginni Chatrath also looked stylish as they donned festive outfits. Apart from them, her pet dog and cat share some cute moments with her husband Ronnit Biswas. It looks like, Kavita Kaushik is enjoying every moment of this Ganpati festival.

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