Here’s how Sathya Enna Penkutty’s Manimangalam family is different from those in Chembarathi’s Trichambarath

Although similar in positions, here’s how the members at Manimangalam are different from Trichamabarath.

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April 2, 2021


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Fans of Sathya Enna Penkutty have by now accepted the fact that Sathya and Sudhi’s relationship is on the verge of a fallout. The couple who has continually fought with and for each other finally seems done with one another. However, it can’t be overlooked that the duo’s separation will not just affect the two but also the people around them. Some happy, while others are sad, the people at Manimangalam will have an opinion about the event. We can’t help but wonder how the people at Trichambarath from Chembarathi would have reacted to such a development in the family.

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The father characters in both these houses are similar in many ways. They both love their respective sons and would do anything in their control to keep their happiness intact. However, the sons’ reactions towards them differ from time to time. Although Chandradas is left shook by the news of Sathya and Sudhi’s divorce, he is fixated on solving it but in his own ways. Chandradas is trying to understand the issues that arose between them by trailing Divya. In the meanwhile, he is having conversations with Sudhi about the decisions he has made and is calmly trying to make him see his mistake.

Sathya Enna Penkutty
Chandradas and Sudhi in Sathya Enna Penkutty (Source: ZEE5)

We can’t help but think that Krishnan’s approach in such a situation would have been much different. As a powerful alpha, Krishnan would have first tried to understand the problems from the couple themselves. Upon finding the issues, he would have directly inflicted his decisions upon them. Although it may seem harsh, Krishnan would have lost his calm talking to Anand in such a situation and it is possible that he might have been able to knock more sense into him than Chandradas.

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Although both the mothers at Manimangalam and Trichambarath vastly love their kids, that is the only similarity they share. Akhila is the head of the house at Trichamabarath and is the one who makes all important decisions. Her go-to reaction would be anger and her imposition of correcting the mistakes between the couple would have in fact helped resolve the misunderstandings. Meanwhile, it is a whole different case at Manimangalam where Radhika is brainwashed by her daughter.

Krishnan with Anand
A still from Chembarathi (Source: ZEE5)

Sujitha, with her wicked moves, has managed to crack into her mother’s mind and left an impression that Sathya was never the right girl for her son. She is sad at her son getting a divorce but happy inside as it means Sathya will be out of the family. Sujitha never liked any women in Sudhi’s life from Divya to Sathya. She always wanted all of them out and her vicious wish coming true now is making her all the happier. Things would have been different at Trichamabarath but unfortunately, Anand doesn’t have a sister. The closest he has to one is his younger brother’s wife Nandana.

Nandana and Kalyani in Chembarathi
Nandana and Kalyani in Chembarathi (Source: ZEE5)

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Unlike Sujitha, Nandana respects Anand as a brother and passes on the same to any woman in his life. She has in the past made it clear that she is ready to accept Kalyani, who is a housemaid as her sister-in-law just because Anand loves her. In fact, Anand is lucky to have someone like her by his side, unlike Sujitha who only wishes bad things for her own brother.

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