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Gurmeet Choudhary As Yash In Punar Vivaah Or Varun In The Wife: Few Similarities And Differences In Both Of His Characters

Vatsal Thakore

March 23, 2021

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Gurmeet Choudhary plays the role of a loving husband in the Zee TV show Punar Vivaah and the ZEE5 film The Wife – but are both of his characters alike? Read on to know…

One of the most loved actors of the Hindi television industry, Gurmeet Choudhary, recently starred in the ZEE5 horror film, The Wife. He plays the role of Varun in the film, who is a guy with many secrets. However, Varun is a very loving husband, just like Gurmeet’s much-loved character, Yash Scindia from the Zee TV show Punar Vivaah.

Yash Scindia in Punar Vivaah was a successful wedding planner, who was also a family man. He had two kids and loved them to death. As loving as he was as a father, he was also brooding and serious at times, being unable to come to terms with the death of his wife. Also, after he gets remarried to Aarti (Kritika Sengar), who has a son, he develops a loving fatherly bond with him. No matter how tough and stern he would get, he would always be loving to his kids.

In a contrast to his character in Punar Vivaah, Gurmeet’s character in The Wife, Varun, was always reluctant about starting a family and having kids. His wife, Arya (Sayani Datta), would always feel sad about his same reluctance. It was only by the end of the film when they had evaded the spirit (or so they thought), that Varun happily agrees on starting a family.

Secondly, after Yash in Punar Vivaah got remarried, he was initially not able to love his second wife, Aarti. He had not completely accepted the death of his first wife and this made him cold towards Aarti. It was not until much later in their life, that he was able to leave his unloving side and express his love for Aarti.

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On the other hand, Varun in The Wife was very loving towards his wife, Arya. He was completely dedicated to their marriage and shared an affectionate bond with his wife. (The Wife Spoiler Ahead) Also, if you think about it, Arya was actually his second wife, like Aarti was to Yash. But Varun’s first marriage was an extremely failed affair and no way could it even be called a marriage – he was forced into tying the bond, anyway. So this is where the Yash and Varun’s stories see their biggest contrast, factually – about which of their marriages were they more loving and invested in.

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On a final thought, let us see how the situation would be if Yash was in Varun’s place in The Wife – well, Yash was a righteous fellow, who would not have committed any sins as Varun had. And even if he would have been stern towards Arya, he would have always made her feel protected.

And if Varun was in Punar Vivaah, in Yash’s place, he could have been very loving to Aarti. Although, the immorality of his past self and his ways of being inconsiderate and dismissive at times, would not have let the relationship last any longer.

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