Govinda’s Wife Sunita Ahuja Takes A Dig At Krushna Abhishek’s Wife Kashmera Shah Asking Who Knows Her?

Sunita Ahuja targets Kashmera Shah, questions her individuality and here fame in the industry. Earlier, the star wife had called the actress bad daughter-in-law and said, ‘problems start when bad DIL is brought into the house


September 19, 2021

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The Mama-Bhanja conflict between Govinda-Krushna Abhishek has been quilling for a while. This family drama seems to always spark a different interest level in the audience. The previous update was on how Krushna showed the flag of peace and wanted to end this tiff once and for all with his mama, Govinda but looks like this hasn’t been the case of the opposite party. Sunita Ahuja, Govinda’s wife takes a dig at Kashmera wife this time and shares that who’s she and how many people even know about her existence knowing the ball of fame is in her court because of Govinda and his incredible on-screen work. Keshmera however doesn’t take much interest in the family drama and Sunita has already labelled her a bad daughter-in-law.

Recently Govinda appeared on The Kapil Show with his wife and Krushna who’s been on the show since a while opted out during the particular episode as he didn’t want to be a part of it. On the other hand Sunita had made it ver clear that she doesn’t want to see any of them ever again in her life.

On the work front, Krushna can be currently seen in The Kapil Sharma Show

Krushna had got emotional recently and also seeked forgiveness from Govinda and his wife Sunita saying that he’s not aware of what he’s done but he wants to end all this unnecessary drama in the family. He also looks at Govinda-Sunita as his parents and wants to start everything freshly once again leaving behind all the bitterness but looks like it’s not the same case on the opposite front.

Govinda has a couple of projects coming up. He will be next seen in Bhagwan Ke Liye Mujhe Chhod Do, Chashma Chadha, and Pinky Darling And National Hero. It was in 2018 when he made his last onscreen appearance in the film Rangeela Raja, co-starring Mishika Chourasia and Anupama Agnihotri.

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