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God Father: Jegan Rajashekhar Makes a Stunning Debut With This Edge of the Seat Thriller

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November 16, 2020

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A gut-wrenching thriller that describes a father’s love for his child, like nothing else! Read God Father review below

Jegan Rajashekar makes his debut in feature films with God Father. Written and directed by him, the thriller is captivating throughout its run time. The story revolves around the essence of a father’s love for his family, especially his child. Interestingly, this is what drives the plot for the protagonist and the antagonist. Both Adhiyamaan, played by Natty and Marudhu Singham played by Lal, are prepared to go to any lengths to save their son.

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Through this film, Jegan shows us how blurred the lines between wrong and right are. If it was alright for Adhi to risk everything and put others at risk for his son, it is also justified why Marudhu would kill someone for his kid. While Adhiyamaan is more likely to avoid any conflict for his family’s safety, Marudhu Singham will go looking for people to kill. However, it is Ashwanth Ashokkumar as Arjun that will have your hearts. Time and again, the child actor has proven that he’s packed with talent. Every actor’s performance is commendable, and each character moves the plot ahead.

For the first 30 minutes or so the film runs as a parallel between the Adhiyamaan and Marudhu Singham. Through this, the audience understands better about how opposite their lives are. There are instances in the movie where you feel so involved in the story that you are scared for the little one’s life. Unlike most thrillers with suspense that are a one-time watch, one can watch God Father multiple times despite having the story unveiled. The climax of the movie is unheard of and unique in its ways, which proves to us that the writer-director, Jegan hasn’t limited his imagination to what is real and believable.

Writer-Director Jegan Rajashekhar makes a smashing debut in full-length feature films with God Father. He shines through this story, both as a writer and a director. Natty and Lal have always been ace performers, and it is needless to say that they nailed every aspect of Adhiyamaan and Marudhu Singham. On the other hand, Ananya as Mithra, a stay at home mom, is believable and authentic. The songs and background score by Naviin Ravindren and Vibin R are chilling at times and soothing at others. Bhuvan Srinivasan comes ahead strong with crisp editing making sure that no moment on screen is dull. All in all, God Father, is the perfect watch for you to watch with your family.

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