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Geet Dholi 30 June 2022 Written Update: Geet reminds Kammo about her promise


July 1, 2022

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Kammo tricks Geet into signing Geet’s share of the property to Kammo and tries to manipulate JK against Geet. However, Geet catches Kammo in the act and questions her. Will Kammo’s plan fall flat?

In the previous episode of Geet Dholi, Malhar raises his hand to punch Bhushan after the latter makes vile comments about Pinky as well as Geet. Bhushan misbehaves with Pinky in front of Malhar and gets upset as Malhar passes a comment about Bhushan’s behaviour. Malhar grabs Bhushan by his collar as he makes a demand about Pinky. Malhar asks Sudha Rani to keep Geet in the dark about Sanjay’s actions. Bhushan and Malhar have a heated confrontation as Bhushan expresses his wish to trouble Geet. Malhar threatens to have Bhushan killed at the hands of his henchmen. Elsewhere, Akash’s aunt tells Tanya about organising a ‘bhajan’ and instructs her to undergo an abstinence. Away, JK reacts oddly as Geet plays her dhol with Lahouran’s tabla. Soon, Geet confronts JK about his feelings.

In the next episode of Geet Dholi, Geet questions JK about his continues intolerance for the sound of tabla. JK gets upset at Geet’s nagging questions and walks away. Geet asks Jasleen about JK’s reaction to her question and the latter avoids Geet’s questions. Ruby manipulates Geet after Jasleen evades Geet’s questions. Ginny waits for JK to read the legal papers in the envelope. Away, Dimple asks Nimrat about Tanya and calls the ‘kirtan’ open in Tanya’s absence. Away, Tanya plays loud music and dances with Akash thoughtlessly. Jagmohan tries to stop Tanya and Akash but ends up dancing with the couple at the behest of Tanya. Dimple expresses her disappointment as their guests call the Bajajs out and leave their house. Later, Tanya challenges Akash’s sister-in-law.

Malhar comforts Geet with a bouquet and spends a romantic evening with Geet. A shy Geet covers her face as Malhar tries to kiss her. Soon, Malhar makes love to Geet as Simone watches and pledges to replace Geet. The next day, Kammo accuses Ginny of not handing over the envelope to JK. Ginny justifies her actions and Simone defends Ginny’s actions. Simone offers a sandwich prepared by her and Ginny criticises her sandwich. Jasleen calls out Simone’s questionable culinary skills and Kammo tries to defend Simone’s actions. Kammo misbehaves with Jasleen and promises to break the Mehra House. JK overhears Kammo’s claims and intervenes. Just then, Geet arrives and reminds Kammo about the promise she made to Geet in front of JK.

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