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Geet Dholi 30 June 2022 Upcoming Story: JK warns Kammo


July 1, 2022

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JK warns Kammo and Simone against claiming Kammo’s share in the property. Geet reminds Kammo about the promise she made to Geet in front of others. Will Kammo dismiss Geet’s reminder?

In the next episode, JK warns Kammo and Simone of the consequences of their actions while warning them against trying to break the Mehra House. Later, Geet reminds Kammo about the promise she made to her about not claiming her share if Geet gives up on her own share of the property.

In the last episode of Geet Dholi, Ginny places an envelope on JK’s desk as Sanjay tosses a plate of lunch and insults Pinky’s family. Sudha Rani tries to pacify Sanjay and tells Malhar about Sanjay’s tantrums after enduring Sanjay’s blackmail. Malhar comforts Sudha Rani after telling her about Geet’s competition. Malhar heads to Geet’s house as JK demands Geet make a plate of piping hot snacks. Soon, JK notices the envelope and tries to open it but gets distracted by Malhar’s arrival. Malhar lies to Geet about his departure and heads out. As JK tries to lift the envelope again, he receives a call from Laal Ji, telling him about a victory of a case. Soon enough, Malhar arrives at Geet’s parental home with a parcel of food for Sanjay and the latter demands a bigger treat. Just then, Bhushan walks in and shocks Malhar by telling him about Sanjay’s invitation.

Malhar raises his hand to punch Bhushan after the latter makes vile comments about Pinky as well as Geet. Bhushan misbehaves with Pinky in front of Malhar and gets upset as Malhar passes a comment about Bhushan’s behaviour. Malhar grabs Bhushan by his collar as he makes a demand about Pinky. Malhar asks Sudha Rani to keep Geet in the dark about Sanjay’s actions. Bhushan and Malhar have a heated confrontation as Bhushan expresses his wish to trouble Geet. Malhar threatens to have Bhushan killed at the hands of his henchmen. Elsewhere, Akash’s aunt tells Tanya about organising a ‘bhajan’ and instructs her to undergo abstinence. Away, JK reacts oddly as Geet plays her dhol with Lahouran’s tabla. Soon, Geet confronts JK about his feelings.

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