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Geet Dholi 29 May 2023 Upcoming Story: Gunjan negotiates her release

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June 1, 2023

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Samrat knocks Gunjan out of consciousness and keeps her confined in his room. After regaining consciousness, Gunjan negotiates her release but Samrat tries to kill her. Will Geet be able to save Gunjan?

In the next episode, Rinky rushes to Geet’s room after waiting for Gunjan’s return but has no luck and narrates her plight to Geet. Meanwhile, Gunjan negotiates her release but Samrat tries to kill her in a bid to keep Geet from learning about his truth.

In the last episode of Geet Dholi, Samrat pushes Malhar away and the latter chases Samrat as Geet entertains her fans. Geet gives her dhol to her youngest fan, Rinky and Gunjan, Rinky’s mother, takes Geet’s dhol to her room after promising to help Rinky brush up on her dhol skills. Samrat manages to throw Malhar off the track after lying to him. Malhar breaks the chase and goes to meet Geet. He notices Geet’s fans dispersing and Samrat follows Gunjan on seeing Geet’s dhol in her hands. Meanwhile, Simone expresses her disappointment about the Mehras instigating Malhar against her. Kammo angers Simone by scolding Simone for setting Malhar’s belongings on fire. Simone dismisses Kammo’s claims and vouches for her innocence. Gunjan places the dhol on her bed and Samrat sneaks into Gunjan’s bedroom to retrieve Geet’s dhol. Soon enough, Samrat bruises his finger with a hairpin and writes his name on Geet’s dhol. Gunjan witnesses Samrat’s depravity silently and overhears Samrat’s vile intentions to swindle Geet. Gujan also learns about Samrat murdering Geet’s fan after escaping the mental facility and about Samrat’s intention to murder Malhar.

Gunjan tries to leave the room but drops a vase and gains Samrat’s attention, he soon charges at Gunjan. Away, Ruby expresses her worries about Malhar’s safety and tells the others that she is quite restless. Kammo interrupts the conversation and accuses Geet of being a piece of bad news for the Mehras while criticising Geet for bringing bad luck to the Mehras. Diamond dismisses Kammo’s claims and Ruby reminds Kammo about Geet’s achievements. Kammo refuses to relent and warns the Mehras about the dangers looming over the Mehra family. Geet records a video about Rinky’s admission as the first student of her academy for social media with Malhar’s help. Away, Samrat chokes Gunjan but the latter escapes his clutches and tries to reach out to Malhar, who happens to disconnect her calls. Samrat grabs the phone from Malhar as Gunjan complains about Samrat trying to take her life. Rinky gets worried and Geet sends Rinky back to her room. Later, Geet calls JK and tells him about Rinky and Gunjan. Well along, Samrat attacks Gunjan with a staff and knocks her out.

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