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Geet Dholi 26 May 2023 Upcoming Story: A lady catches Samrat in action

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May 25, 2023

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Samrat enters Geet’s room and writes his name on Geet’s dhol with his blood. The mother of Geet’s youngest fan witnesses Samrat’s recklessness sneakily. Will the lady get in trouble?

In the next episode, the mother of Geet’s youngest fan notices Samrat writing his name on Geet’s dhol with his blood and overhears his depraved commentary about his actions. The worried mother keeps mum and quietly watches as Samrat claims authority over Geet’s belongings.

In the last episode of Geet Dholi, Malhar runs into Geet’s youngest fan and his mother who tell Malhar about Samrat’s room. Malhar walks into Samrat’s room and notices a wall full of Geet’s pictures and gets confrontational with him. However, Samrat manages to manipulate Malhar into believing that the room belongs to Geet’s crazed fan and that he was only inspecting the room. Malhar expresses his concern for Geet’s safety and asks Samrat to help combat Geet’s depraved admirer. Samrat clutches Malhar in a tight hug and hurts him, and an intimidated Malhar walks away. Geet speaks with her youngest fan and tries to invoke a genuine interest in folk music, accepting her as her student. Geet tells Malhar that she has planned a candlelight dinner for him and Malhar argues with Geet over leaving the room for the dinner. Geet expresses her plight and refuses to stay confined in the room with him, Malhar keeps Geet in the dark about her fan but Geet manages to convince him to leave the room with her.

Samrat plans to meet Geet and confess his feelings for her, Geet takes Malhar to the lawn and Malhar praises the table she set for him. Geet refuses to have the least knowledge about the table arrangement and assumes that the table has been set up by someone else for his date. Malhar expresses his love for Geet and holds her hand lovingly as Samrat watches. The little girl interrupts Malhar’s moment with Geet and the girl insists Geet play her dhol. Owing to the fan’s persistence, Geet agrees to play the dhol for her new student. Geet plays the dhol for the little girl and Malhar watches Geet’s performance alongside Samrat. Well along, Malhar tells Samrat about his plan to trace the fan by checking the address book of the hotel. Samrat gets worried and tries to discourage Malhar. Away, Jasleen worries about Malhar’s well-being and states her disappointment to JK. Samrat rushes to the hotel’s help desk and tears off the address page in an effort to confuse Malhar. Soon, Malhar gets a hold of Samrat, grabs him by the back and asks him to give the papers to him.

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