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Geet Dholi 02 June 2023 Upcoming Story: The Mehras learn about the mishap

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June 1, 2023

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After Samrat pushes Malhar into the ditch, the police conclude that Malhar might be dead and Geet remains in a state of shock. Will the Mehras blame Geet for not keeping her promise?

In the next episode, Geet returns to the Mehra House with the police inspector and informs the Mehras about the ordeal faced by Malhar. The inspector tells the Mehras that they only managed to find Malhar’s watch while looking for his body. Geet stands in a state of shock as the inspector narrates what transpired to the Mehras.

In the last episode of Geet Dholi, Malhar endures a deadly blow to his head as Geet prays in the ancestral temple. Malhar gets back up on his feet and retaliates, leaving Samrat injured. Samrat continues to voice his obsession with Geet and Malhar fights Samrat fiercely. Later, Samrat pushes Malhar into a ditch. Geet notices Malhar falling into the ditch and screams in shock. Geet cries bitterly as she watches Malhar descend helplessly, Geet’s so travellers try to pacify Geet and the police tell Geet that the chances of Malhar’s survival are too low. The police hand over Malhar’s watch to Geet and Geet slips into shock, she pledges to find Malhar. Samrat watches as Geet falls unconscious owing to her trauma. The Mehras await an update from Geet and worry about Malhar’s safety. Jasleen gets increasingly upset as the Mehras pacify her by saying Geet would take care of Malhar.

Jasleen worries about Malhar’s safety and gets restless, Jasleen plans to visit the resort and meet the couple. Samrat sneaks into Geet’s room, gets really close to an unconscious Geet and celebrates his union with her. Samrat dreams of marrying Geet and staying with her for the rest of his life while mocking Malhar’s resolve to keep Geet away from him. The hotel staff tells the police inspector about Malhar’s last conversation with him. JK reaches out to the bus driver and asks him about Geet, Malhar’s whereabouts. The inspector discourages the driver from telling JK about Malhar’s probable death. The inspector plans to take Geet to the Mehra House and get her to tell the Mehras about Malhar’s death. Soon enough, Samrat tells Gunjan about pushing Malhar into a ditch and getting rid of him for good. Gunjan regrets Geet’s loss and Samrat tells her that he will go wherever Geet goes after confining Gunjan to the chair.

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