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Geet Dholi 01 June 2023 Upcoming Story: Samrat pushes Malhar off a cliff

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June 1, 2023

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Samrat and Malhar have a heated confrontation followed by a physical fight. Eventually, Samrat pushes Malhar off a cliff. Will Malhar be able to survive the fall?

In the next episode, Malhar and Samrat engage in a physical fight over Geet. Samrat hurts Malhar’s head and the latter bleeds but fails to give up on his quest to safeguard Geet from her depraved fan. Later, Samrat pushes Malhar off a cliff and Geet notices Malhar as he descends through the wind and gets worried for him.

In the last episode of Geet Dholi, Samrat has a dream about earning Geet’s affection and soon wishes to earn Geet’s love. Samrat gets upset at the conductor for waking Geet upon reaching the temple and picks a fight with the conductor for waking Geet up. Samrat aimlessly entails Geet as Rinky cries to Malhar about missing Gunjan. Malhar sets out to look for Gunjan in the resort. Geet walks to the temple alongside fellow travellers through the woods. Malhar follows a blood trail and ends up in Samrat’s room, he finds Gunjan bleeding, tied to a chair. Malhar unties Gunjan and snaps her back into consciousness, he asks Gunjan about her plight. Gunjan tells Malhar about her encounter with Samrat and all that transpired following her first interaction. Gunjan tells Malhar about his call for help and soon, Malhar realises that he shouldn’t have left Geet in Samrat’s care. Gunjan requests Malhar to save Geet’s life, after explaining the danger Samrat might pose for Geet.

Just as Malhar leaves, Gunjan faints again. Samrat grabs his blood-stained rose and tracks Geet relentlessly. Malhar drives to the temple in a bid to save Geet from Samrat and starts walking through the woods to locate her. Malhar gets hold of Samrat just in time as Geet enters the temple and confronts him for misleading Malhar about his identity. Malhar voices his regret for trusting Samrat blindly. Later, they have a verbal fight over Geet and Samrat tells Malhar that he will soon earn Geet’s love and replace Malhar in her life. Instead of feeling mortified about Malhar learning the truth about Samrat being Geet’s depraved admirer, Samrat threatens Malhar and asks Malhar to be wary of him. Eventually, Samrat threatens to kill Malhar and take him away for Geet forever. Samrat picks an iron rod and tries to attack Malhar from the back.

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