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Gattimela 31 December 2021 Written Update: Amulya tries to reason with Vedanth


January 6, 2022

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Amulya implements the ideas suggested by Vikrant and Adya and tries to reason with Vedanth and tries to close the rift between them and tell him the truth about Suhasini.

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Amulya tries to reason with Vedanth but he refuses to forgive her until she apologises to Suhasini. Vikrant consoles an emotional Amulya and asks her to be patient as only she can reveal Suhasini’s true colours in front of Vedanth. The next day, Adya and Vikrant think of a plan to reunite Amulya and Vedanth.

In the next episode of  Gattimela, Vedanth is surprised when instead of coffee, Amulya offers him an empty cup. Furthermore, Vikrant questions Amulya about it to which she replies that she can only offer refreshments if Vedanth tells her what he wants. On hearing Amulya’s answer, Vedanth taunts Amulya. Amulya also taunts Vedanth in return and Adya tries to tease Vedanth about it. But, Vedanth refuses to budge and states that he won’t talk to Amulya until she apologises to Suhasini. Amulya also states that she won’t apologise unless it’s her fault and Vedanth needs to give orders only when he knows the reality of the events that took place.

At night, Amulya is delighted when Vedanth stops her from sleeping in another room. Amulya states that Vedanth will accept defeat first when he creates a division on the bed and assigns a side to her. While sleeping Amulya starts to feel cold due to the AC temperature and she talks about how it would have been good to have someone to hug. Amulya is surprised when Vedanth changes the AC temperature, causing the room to turn colder. Furthermore, the couple gets into an argument about the AC temperature. Later, Vedanth covers up a sleeping Amulya with a blanket when she gives in to the set AC temperature.

The next morning, Adya comes to Vedanth’s room and teases Vedanth about his anger towards Amulya while he seatches for his towel for a shower. Adya and Amulya decide to shift to plan B when they see their first planning failing. Amulya calls Vikrant and informs the same and he and Dhruva shut down the water supply while Vedanth heads for a shower. Vedanth suspects Amulya to be behind the same and questions her about it. Amulya feels elated when her actions irritate Vedanth. Vedanth is surprised when he finds all his clothes to be missing and starts searching for them. Vedanth calls Vikrant and asks him to bring clothes for him. Meanwhile, Sridhar answers a call on Suhasini’s phone and is surprised by what the person talks about. He questions Suhasini about it but she refuses to answer him and rebukes him for answering her calls. Suhasini lies to Sridhar when he continues to question her about the caller. At the office, Vedanth is surprised when he catches Sarthak and Vikrant hitting Kanta. Vikrant tells Vedanth that Kanta has arranged a New Year’s party and Vedanth’s reaction to it surprises Vikrant. Vedanth states that he won’t let his and Amulya’s fight come in the way of the celebration.

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