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Gattimela 24 January 2022 Upcoming Story: Vikrant saves Vaidehi


January 21, 2022

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Vikrant, with Prajwal’s help, locates the place where Vaidehi has been held captive and faces the goons hired by Suhasini and saves Vaidehi from their clutches.

In the latest episode of Gattimela, Vikrant reaches the location sent by Prajwal and locates Vaidehi. Vikrant enters the building where Vaidehi is being held captive and comes face-to-face with Suhasini’s hired goons. While Vikrant fights with goons, Vaidehi feels elated that her son has come to her rescue. Later, an emotional Vaidehi hugs Vikrant when he rescues her.

In the previous episode, we saw Manjunath get worried when he notices Suhasini standing outside his house while he brings chairs from the neighbor’s house. Amulya is surprised on seeing the dining table in Parimala’s house and questions her about the same. Parimala lies to Amulya that she brought the table, especially for family gatherings. Later, Suhasini mocks Manjunath and Parimala about the condition of roads outside their house.

Elsewhere, Adya and Sarthak spend some quality time with Vaijayanti. Adya gets upset when Vaijayanti tries to joke about her medical condition and how she does not need eyes to gauge if a person is good or not. When Sarthak starts talking about children, Adya gets uneasy. Later, Adya and Sarthak try to cheer up Vaijayanti.

We also saw Vedanth question Vikrant about the reason behind someone trying to kidnap Vaidehi. Vikrant assumes it to be an act of their enemies and their attempt to defame them by kidnapping their employe. Elsewhere, Suhasini mocks Parimala and Manjunath by stating that she found a stone in the prasad given to her after the Sankranti festival puja at Parimala’s house.

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