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Gattimela 21 January 2022 Upcoming Story: Vikrant locates Vaidehi


January 20, 2022

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As per Prajwal’s suggestion, Vikrant reaches the location where Prajwal is and is left shocked when, through a drone, Prajwal shows Vikrant where Vaidehi is held captive.

In the latest episode of Gattimela, Vikrant reaches the location given by Prajwal. Furthermore, Prajwal confirms that the location is where Vaidehi is kept hidden. Later, with the help of a drone, Prajwal shows Vikrant the floor on which Vaidehi is held captive. On seeing Vaidehi’s condition, Vikrant gets emotional and decides to rescue her at the earliest.

In the previous episode, we saw Vikrant having a meeting with Prajwal and telling him about Vaidehi being missing for a few days. When Prajwal states that Vaidehi may have gone to visit her family, Vikrant states his suspicions that Vaidehi does not have any family in the city and that she might be in some danger. When Vikrant starts to get emotional about not being able to locate his birth mother, Prajwal reassures him and states that he will help him locate his birth mother as well as Vaidehi.

Parimala and Manjunath worry about their finances and think of a way to buy a new dress for Anjali. They get emotional when Anjali understands their situation and decides to wear an old dress for the Sankranti celebration. Parimala gets upset when Amulya informs her about Suhasini’s plan to accompany her to the festival celebration. In order to be not humiliated by Suhasini, Manjunath goes to their neighbour to take their dining table on loan.

We also saw Vedanth get surprised when Vikrant suddenly asks him to accompany him to an unknown location without revealing the reason behind it. Later, Vedanth is shocked when Vikrant tells him about Vaidehi’s kidnapping.

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