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Gattimela 17 January 2022 Upcoming Story: Suhasini’s goons render Vaidehi unconscious


January 14, 2022

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On finally getting her hands on Vaidehi, Suhasini’s goons render her unconscious and carry her out of Vaijayanti’s hospital room, while Vedanth heads towards the hospital.

In the latest episode of Gattimela, Suhasini’s goons render Vaidehi unconscious and take her away from Vaijayanti’s room. Meanwhile, Vedanth arrives at the hospital to check on Vaijayanti’s condition. While Suhasini’s goons take Vaidehi away on a stretcher, Vedanth sees her and is shocked at seeing her unconscious.

In the previous episode, we saw Vikrant reason with Adya when she insists on going to the hospital and checking up in Vaijayanti’s health. When Dhruva questions Vikrant about Vaijayanti’s condition, to which Vikrant takes him away for a private conversation. Dhruva is shocked when Vikrant tells him about the doctor’s diagnosis of Vaijayanti’s condition.

Dhruva tells Vikrant about his suspicions regarding Suhasini being responsible for Vaijayanti’s condition. When Vikrant finds it difficult to believe it, Dhruva asks him to reflect on Suhasini’s actions and think if stooping so low is something that Suhasini won’t do. Meanwhile, Aarati tries to make changes in the house to make it easy for Vaijayanti to roam around the house.

We also saw Vaidehi arrive at the hospital where Vaijayanti is admitted. She gets worried when she sees Suhasini in Vaijayanti’s room. She is shocked when she learns about Vaijayanti’s loss of sight. While Vaidehi is talking to a sleeping Vaijayanti, Suhasini arrives there and delights in finally having captured Vaidehi. Later, Vaidehi requests Suhasini to spare her and not keep her bound at some place and promises to never reveal to her children that she is their birth mother.

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