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Gattimela 14 January 2022 Written Update: Dhruva suspects Suhasini for Vaijayanti’s injury


January 13, 2022

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Vikrant informs Dhruva about the doctor’s diagnosis of Vaijayanti’s injury and is left shocked when Dhruva expresses his suspicions about Suhasini being responsible for the same.

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Vikrant is shocked when the doctor reveals that Vaijayanti was hit on her head by a blunt object which resulted in her loss of sight. Meanwhile, Amulya tries to console an emotional Vedanth. Later, Suhasini gets nervous when Vikrant questions Vaijayanti about her injury.

In the next episode of  Gattimela, Vikrant tries to console and reason with Adya when she insists on going to the hospital to meet Vaijayanti. When Dhruva starts questioning Vikrant about Vaijayanti’s health, the latter takes him aside for a private discussion. Elsewhere, Vaidehi reaches the hospital where Vaijayanti is admitted. She worries about meeting Vaijayanti as Suhasini is around the latter. Vaidehi gets emotional when Vaijayanti asks for water to drink and talks about her loss of sight.

Suhasini calls a nurse when Vaijayanti complains of a headache. Elsewhere, Vikrant tells Dhruva about the doctor’s suspicions regarding Vaijayanti’s injury. Dhruva suspects Suhasini to be responsible for this accident and believes that it was an attempt to kill Vaijayanti. Vikrant feels uneasy and finds it hard to accept it. Dhruva asks Vikrant to think if a selfish person like Suhasini will think twice before killing her own mother or children.

Meanwhile, Aarati roams around the house with her eyes closed to gauge how to make the house safe for Vaijayanti. Amulya praises Aarati for her concern and her efforts. At the hospital, on not seeing Suhasini, Vaidehi meets a sleeping Vaijayanti and expresses her concern. Vaidehi is left shocked when Suhasini arrives in Vaijayanti’s room. Suhasini feels elated about having finally found and caught Vaidehi. When Suhasini’s goons try to capture Vaidehi, the latter begs Suhasini to spare her and promises to never reveal to her children that she is their birth mother.

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