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Gattimela 13 January 2022 Upcoming Story: Vaijayanti’s doctor suspects Vaijayanti’s injury


January 12, 2022

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Vikrant converses with Vaijayanti’s doctor about Vaijayanti’s loss of sight and is left shocked when the doctor reveals her suspicions that Vaijayanti’s injury was caused by an attack by a blunt object.

In the latest episode of Gattimela, Vikrant talks to Vaijayanti’s doctor about Vaijayanti’s loss of sight. The doctor states that she doesn’t think that the injury that was caused to Vaijayanti was due to hitting her head on a wall or stairs. Vikrant is shocked when the doctor expresses her suspicions that Vaijayanti was hit by a blunt object on her head, which caused the injury leading to loss of sight.

In the previous episode, we saw Kanta stop Prajwal from giving Vaidehi the address to the hospital where Vaijayanti is admitted. Sarthak and Vedanth discuss a new project but Vedanth is unable to stop thinking about Vaijayanti’s condition. Meanwhile, Vaidehi starts to get restless and wishes to see Vaijayanti. For the same, she decides to ask Vedanth the address to the hospital but stops herself as she worries about the questions that her inquiry may raise.

During a meeting, Vikrant notices a worried Vaidehi standing outside the meeting room and wonders about the reason behind her being upset. While enquiring about Vaijayanti’s wellbeing, Vikrant ends up revealing the address to the hospital where Vaijayanti is admitted in front of Vaidehi. Later, Vedanth and Vikrant leave for the hospital to check on Vaijayanti.

We also saw Amulya go through Vaijayanti’s wardrobe as she searches for clothes that she can take to the hospital. While doing so, Amulya comes across a photo frame of Vaidehi but fails to see the picture due to Sridhar’s interference. At the hospital, Vaijayanti regains consciousness. Vedanth and the others are shocked when the doctor informs them about Vaijayanti’s loss of sight.

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