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Gattimela 12 January 2022 Written Update: Vaijayanti regains consciousness


January 11, 2022

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While everyone gets worried about Vaijayanti’s health, at the hospital, Vaijayanti regains consciousness, but she, along with her family members, is shocked when she loses her sight.

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Suhasini questions a semi-conscious Vaijayanti about having seen Vaidehi. At home, Sarthak teases Vedanth when he tries to get romantic with Amulya. Later, Vaidehi is shocked when she learns about Vaijayanti’s accident and her reaction surprises Vikrant and Vedanth.

In the next episode of  Gattimela, Prajwal tries to give Vaidehi the address to the hospital where Vaijayanti is admitted but Kanta stops him from doing so without his permission. Vedanth and Sarthak discuss a project while Vedanth continues to be worried about Vaijayanti’s health. Meanwhile, Vaidehi feels restless and wishes to see Vaijayanti. She decides to ask Vedanth for the hospital’s address but stops herself from doing so as he is busy with work and also worries about the questions that he may ask her.

During the meeting, Vikrant and Sarthak are surprised when Vedanth asks them to consult Amulya for the project. Vikrant notices a worried Vaidehi standing at the door of the meeting cabin. Elsewhere, Amulya goes through Vaijayanti’s wardrobe to find clothes to take for Vaijayanti in the hospital. While doing so she comes across Vaidehi’s photo but fails to see the picture. Later, Sridhar drops Amulya at the hospital.

Vaidehi meets Vikrant and wonders if she should ask him the hospital’s address. During a conversation, Vikrant tells Vaidehi where Vaijayanti is admitted and also apprises her of Vaijayanti’s health. Vedanth, Amulya, Vikrant and Suhasini arrive at the hospital to meet Vaijayanti. On regaining consciousness, Vedanth and the others are shocked when Vaijayanti’s doctor informs them about Vaijayanti’s loss of sight. At home, Adya suggests to Sarthak that they should plan a family trip to help Vaijayanti to relax after the accident. At the hospital, Vaijayanti breaks down on learning about the loss of her sight. Amulya consoles Vaijayanti and tries to boost her morale. Meanwhile, the doctor talks to Vedanth and Vikrant about Vaijayanti’s diagnosis.

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