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Gattimela 11 January 2022 Written Update: Vaidehi’s behaviour surprises Vikrant


January 11, 2022

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Vaidehi gets shocked when Vedanth talks about an injured Vaijayanti’s and Vaidehi’s reaction and concern for Vaijayanti surprises Vikrant and Vedanth.

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Sarthak tells Adya the reason behind him not taking her to the hospital. Elsewhere, Suhasini gets worried about Vaijayanti revealing the truth about Vaidehi being alive. At home, Amulya tries to cheer up Vedanth.

In the next episode of  Gattimela, Vedanth rebukes Amulya for not charging his mobile on time. When he sees her being busy with her mobile and ignoring him, he gets irritated and confronts her about the same. Amulya asks Vedanth to close the door to their room and then lashes out at him for his behaviour and for ordering her around and for treating her like his employee. At the office, Kanta bullies the new employee, Prajwal, hired by Vikrant. Furthermore, Vikrant mocks Kanta in front of Prajwal.

Amulya gets angry when Vedanth starts laughing while she is raging at him. Amulya apologises to Vedanth for rebuking him and promises to never repeat her behaviour. When Vedanth tries to get romantic with Amulya, Sarthak disturbs them. Vedanth feels relieved when Sarthak apprises him of Vaijayanti’s health. At the hospital, when a semi-conscious Vaijayanti talks about seeing Vaidehi, Suhasini questions her about the same. The nurse at the hospital rebukes Suhasini for disturbing a resting Vaijayanti.

At the office, Vedanth rebukes Kanta when he asks Vaidehi to address Vedanth with his correct post. Kanta gets nervous when Vedanth rebukes him in front of Prajwal. When Kanta confronts Prajwal for laughing while he was getting rebuked, Prajwal indirectly taunts Kanta. Vikrant introduces Prajwal to Vedanth. Vaidehi gets worried when Vedanth talks about Vaijayanti’s accident. Vaidehi’s worried reaction surprises Vikrant and Vedanth and she lies to them to avoid any suspicions. Later, Vaidehi worries about Vaijayanti’s health. Prajwal watches as Vaidehi asks Kanta about which hospital Vaijayanti is admitted in.

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