Gadget Guru Ganesha Opens Up A World Of Imagination For Kids, Add It To Your Summer-Watch List

Inspired By Ramayana, Gadget Guru Ganesha will show how science opens up new doors and makes life amazing and adventurous.


May 5, 2020


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Children have been a fan of TV shows and movies since forever. And they find great joy and inspiration from them while watching it too. Combining fun and lessons is the perfect blend and Gadget Guru Ganesha does just that. Here’s why this show makes it for a perfect watch for summer holidays. 

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Inspired by the Hindu mythology of Ramayana, this show portrays similar elements that teach the kids moral lessons needed in their life. It also pays attention to science and its need in today’s time. Although the kids use science to have fun and go on adventures, there are many instances where they gain knowledge while doing so.  Every kid in the show has their own unique interests, which they use in saving each other and themselves from difficult situations.

A still from Gadget Guru Ganesha
A still from Gadget Guru Ganesha (Source: Online Portal)

The kids love the gadgets that Ganesha makes as it opens up various possibilities and takes them to newer destinations. Some of these include the Ashwagati Paduka, Garun Pankh, Vajra Dhal, Nritya Paduka, and so on. Out of all the children, Guru is the one who’s the most inspired by Ganesha and his gadgets, as he wishes to make amazing gadgets just like him. He’s a very curious child with many questions and just as many answers for his friends.

A still from Gadget Guru Ganesha
A still from Gadget Guru Ganesha (Source: Online Portal)

Children watching this show would be mesmerized as they become a part of Guru and Ganesha’s life, wondering how to be smarter and make similar gadgets that could solve all their problems. They would love to go to forests and beaches using the Ashwagati Paduka. Or fly up in the sky with friends on the Garun Pankh. There’s also the possibility of them becoming dance maestros while wearing one of the gadgets called Nritya Paduka. Kids have high hopes and dreams, and Gadget Guru Ganesha is perfect for them to get their thinking caps on and race ahead for the fun-filled adventure called life.

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