Don’t Know How To Carry Loungewear Or A Bright Coloured Bottom Wear? Take Inspiration From These Bollywood Actresses

From loungewear to bottom wear, here are some funky and trending styles that Bollywood actresses have donned, and you can try them too


September 27, 2021



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Are you looking for advice on being stunning and sophisticated? Ditch those jeans! Yes, you heard it right! Those jeans are the only thing between you and your fashion goals. Here are some funky and trending styles that you can try:


Because much of our time is spent indoors or on informal trips, loungewear outfits have become increasingly fashionable, especially in Bollywood. For example, Tara Sutaria and Priyanka Chopra couldn’t get enough of the simple comfort of hoodies and joggers, and they enhanced theirs with popsicle colours and charming patterns.









Flared bottoms

Remember when Shilpa Shetty wore massively sequined flared bottoms, while Kareena Kapoor looked brighter than the sun with her yellow pair? Try this if you desire additional dramatic pants inspiration.









Skirts and Trousers

Skirts are another type of bottom wear with which you need to explore. Try investing in a bright-coloured skirt that you may pair with classic colours like black, blue, and white. You might want to match your neon skirt with a wacky top if you’re as confident as Sara Ali Khan.

Priyanka Chopra’s bright red leather skirt or Janhvi Kapoor’s electric blue might be your go-to choice if you want your appearance to be as trendy and stunning as these stars.

Kiara’s high-waisted velvet trousers are also a great choice if you’re seeking a bright colour. These green pants look great with a solid white blouse or even a tee.









When wearing brightly coloured trousers, one key point to never forget is to reduce your accessories to a bare minimum. You don’t want your accessories to steal the show since your bottoms are attracting the majority of the fashion crowd’s attention. Plus, the fewer accessories you use, the less overwhelming your outfit will appear.


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