Daniel Craig advocates better roles for women than portraying them in roles written for men

Daniel Craig has dismissed ideas that a woman may take his place, claiming that “better parts” should be developed for actresses instead


September 22, 2021


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The Bond actor Daniel Craig is all set to reprise his role as James Bond in the upcoming film No Time To Die. However, he has dismissed all the ideas surrounding the suggestions of a woman taking his place. The 53-year-old actor instead claims that “better parts” should be developed for actresses.

Daniel Craig joins a long list of celebrities who have come out against a female Bond, including the franchise’s producer, Barbara Broccoli.

Role-specific actors

In an interview with a radio station, when he was asked if he would support a more diverse appointment as his replacement, he confirmed a resounding yes. He had further said that “there should be more opportunities for women and performers of colour to play leading roles. Why should a woman portray James Bond when there should be a part for a woman that is equally as brilliant as James Bond?”. Daniel also stated that a female actor should not play James Bond since they deserve their own roles that have been written for them and don’t deserve roles written for men.

Renowned actress backing the Bond

Several actresses have backed Daniel’s assertion that Bond should be portrayed by a man, including Halle Berry. She said in an interview that she doesn’t think you can change Bond to a woman just for the sake of it.

Daniel also confessed that he hasn’t felt objectified since a memorable sequence in his first outing as Bond in the 2006 film Casino Royale, in which he resurfaced from the sea wearing a tiny pair of blue trunks. The singer revealed that he chose the bathing costume to elicit a comparable shock reaction to Ursula Andress’s famous moment as Honey Ryder in the 1962 Bond film Dr. No, in which she rose from the sea wearing a white bikini.

No Time to Die” will apparently be the first film in James Bond’s 60-year history to include a female 007, played by “Captain Marvel” breakout Lashana Lynch, when it releases on September 30.

The actor plays Nomi, a new agent who enters the service shortly after Bond (Daniel Craig, starring in his fifth and final outing) retires, and inherits his legendary code number.

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