Cyclone Nivar: 22 Teams Planted across Three States To Handle The Situation, Reveals NDRF General Director

NDRF General Director speaks to media about the 22 teams planted across Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, and Andra Pradesh to deal with cyclone Nivar.

Sania Kader

November 25, 2020

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Cyclone Nivar has been approaching the Indian coastline and the landslide is expected post-midnight. States along the border have been gearing up for heavy winds and rainfall by implementing various precautionary measures for the safety of people. According to a recent bite given by the Director General of National Disaster Response Force, 22 teams have been planted on the ground along with 8 standby teams in case of requirement. The coastal region of Chennai along with other parts of Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, and Andra Pradesh have been put on high alert as the cyclone is expected to hit at the speed of 145 km/hr.

Here is a ZEE5 video with all details regarding cyclone Nivar and the precautionary measures:

The Director General of National Disaster Response Force recently spoke in a press conference to reveal details about how they have been approaching cyclone Nivar. He stated that 22 teams have been planted on the ground, towards the coast, to deal with the situation correctly. He also reassured that 8 teams have been kept on standby at the battalion headquarters in Arakkonam and Vijayawada. The NDRF had committed a total of 30 teams to cyclone Nivar and its aftermath.

“You might want to know about the location of the NDRF teams. It is visible in the left-most column that these three states fall under the jurisdiction of two battalions. They fall in the fourth battalion jurisdiction in Tamil Nadu. Close to 12 teams have been set up with 3 teams in Cuddalore, 2 in Chidambaram and 1 in Neyveli. Amongst the rest, 2 teams have been set in Chennai, 1 in Madhurai, 1 in Mamallapuram, and 2 in Villupuram. In such a way we have distributed 12 teams in the state of Tamil Nadu to deal with the cyclone.”

DG SN Pradhan also stated that two teams have been placed in Puducherry where the impact is expected to be the highest. They have also put up one team in Karaikal as the Nivar landslide is expected to happen between Karaikal and Mallapuram in Tamil Nadu.

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He further added that the districts affected in Andra Pradesh are the ones that fall at the border between Tamil Nadu and Andra Pradesh. He said, “3 teams have been positioned in Nellore and 1 team in Chittoor which is expected to arrive in the city soon. Vishakhapatnam has also been alerted with 3 NDRF teams”.

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