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Crashh: Here’s A Collection Of Zain Imam’s Instagram Reels To Crack You Up!

Tanvi Rumale

March 23, 2021

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From girls to abs, Zain Imam’s Instagram reels have a joke on everything and you should check them out right away!

Zain Imam is one of the most handsome and charming TV stars currently. His latest web series, Crashh saw him in the role of the calm and collected doctor, Rishab Sachdev. It was a short role as most of the series focused on the siblings and yet Zain managed to leave an impression on viewers’ minds! The actor is also extremely active on social media and loves to make reels with his friends! He often posts extremely hilarious reels and we can tell he has a blast while making them as well!

We assure you these reels will shoo your mid-week blues away! Watch his most recent reel when he unleashes his inner hacker and comes up with a unique solution to a simple everyday problem! Changing the plastic bags of dustbins!

We loved it! Did you?

He also makes a lot of reels about girls and dating and they’re all equally hilarious. In this one, he takes a dig at girls who wear too much makeup!

This reel audio is too funny! Another one on girls and we love it!

In this one, he aptly captures the way boys behave when they see a girl!

In this one, he shares an oops moment while trying to act like Salman Khan!

Hanging out with friends and making reels is a pastime for him and we don’t blame him!

This reel featuring Vin Rana and his abs is too funny to miss!

This one features some deep questions with a not-so-deep answer!

We hope you had as much of a good time as we did after watching these amusing reels by Zain Imam.

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