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Crashh: 5 Ways Kajal Can Be Proven Innocent If Only The #FamilyTies Stay Strong

Vatsal Thakore

February 16, 2021

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After the shocking ending of Crashh, if you are left wondering about Aditi’s fate, read here to know our thoughts about what could happen next in the show.

This Valentine’s day, ZEE5 gave us Crashh, a series celebrating the love which is seldom talked about – the love of siblings. Crashh revolves around the life of four siblings who got separated at birth and after growing up, are on a journey to find each other. While the series plays a lot on the emotional strings, near the end, it gives a grave twist, when the elder sister, Kajal (Aditi Sharma), is accused of murder. With the series giving us an open-end, leaving a lot of room to discuss for season 2, here are five ways we think Kajal can be proven innocent.

Kabir heading the investigation

A still from the show

Kajal and Kabir (Kunj Anand) recognize each other as the estranged siblings. Kabir, who is a cop, had always been on a journey of searching for his brother and sisters. When Kabir finds out that Kajal is accused of murdering her adoptive mother’s lover, Gautam, he takes charge to prove her innocence, investigating matters with his prowess. Seeing the elder brother take charge to save his sister from a false accusation, gives us a lot of hope of Kajal being proved innocent.


Alia’s change of heart

A still from the show

When Alia (Anushka Sen) found out that she was adopted, it broke her heart and when she healed from it, she had a change of heart that softened her up. Alia does not know that Kajal is her sister, however, she does know that Kajal, just like her, is also adopted. And after she heard the harsh remark that Gautam’s wife made for ‘adopted kids’, she would start empathizing more with Kajal. She also might become Kajal’s strong support and help her in proving her innocence. 


Rahim’s thoughts about Kajal

A still from the show

Rahim (Rohan Mehra), is Alia’s driver, and unknown to the both of them, also her separated twin. Rahim too does not know that Kajal is his elder sister, but being around the intertwined families and relations, he has seen her condition. Rahim believes that Kajal always gets cornered out by everyone and hence, has sympathies for her. Maybe when he finds out about his relationship with her, he too will help in proving her innocence, also clearing the doubts about the video clip he sent.

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The incomplete video recording

A still from the show

Kabir receives a video, which he does not know is from Rahim. The video shows Kajal having an argument with Gautam on the street, on the night that he was brought to the hospital, injured, and then died. After the argument, the video also shows Kajal pushing Gautam, but then nothing after it. This video, even though it is against Kajal, the fact that it is incomplete can prove her innocence. It could prove that Kajal’s simple push, which was out of annoyance, could in no way have caused multiple fatal injuries.


The siblings’ unity

Source: Still From Crashh Trailer

Finally, Kabir, Alia, and Rahim know about Kajal’s situation and her mother’s love affair with Gautam, in their own different ways. They all also know the truth that Gautam’s son had a grudge against Kajal, because of the illicit love affair. If the siblings do unite, they can all come together to clear out how there were only the misunderstandings that added up against Kajal and she is, in fact, innocent. 

To watch these scenarios for yourself, watch Crashh season 2 on ZEE5.

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