Christmas For Kids: From Cookies To Pudding, Easy Recipes To Cook With Your Little Chefs

This Christmas, let your little chefs bake some amazing desserts with y’all. Try these delicious recipes and make your Christmas merrier and #SpreadTheCheer

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December 23, 2020


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Christmas is right around the corner and its preparations and celebrations have already begun. With this joyous festival, comes a hoard of festive food. Cookies, cakes, and other delicacies, there’s so much to hog on! And the most ardent lovers of these dishes, especially the sweets, are, of course, your beloved kids! So as a treat for you and your munchkins, we have listed some recipes that you can cook with your little chefs. Have a look…

Get a glimpse of one of the Christmas recipes here:

Gingerbread cookies

Source: ZEE5

The most widely loved recipe for Christmas is Gingerbread cookies. Having the flexibility to be cooked in all shapes and sizes, these cookies, especially when homemade, are loved by all. From one of the best chefs, Chef Pankaj comes this recipe for gingerbread cookies. Watch, learn and start baking Chef Pankaj’s recipe for Gingerbread cookies!


Chocolate chip cookies

Source: ZEE5

Festival or not, the most loved cookies in the world are chocolate chip cookies. However, if baked on Christmas, they taste yummier. From the world-renowned chef, Sanjeev Kapoor, you can learn their recipe. Watch and bake Sanjeev Kapoor’s recipe for Chocolate chip cookies recipe.


Allahabadi Christmas Cake

Source: ZEE5

There is no Christmas without cake. And the easiest cake to bake at home is this unique Allahabadi Christmas Cake. You can watch the masterful chef Ranveer Brar and learn from him to bake this cake. Watch the Allahabadi Christmas Cake recipe by Ranveer Brar here and make your kids happy!


Date and Walnut Cake

Source: ZEE5

Another delicious cake you can bake for and with your kids this Christmas is the date walnut cake. Loaded with the healthiest dry fruits –  dates and walnuts, this cake will be loved by your kids and it’s super healthy so no worries in that department. Watch chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s recipe for Date Walnut Cake here.


Carrot and Custard Pudding

Source: ZEE5

Last, but not least, comes another recipe which is a must for Christmas. A pudding! And not just any pudding. This is the recipe for a carrot and custard pudding, another dish that is also healthy while being tasty. Watch Sanjeev Kapoor’s recipe for Carrot and Custard Pudding and try making it with your kids. They will surely love it. 

For more amazing recipes, head to ZEE5.

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