Christmas For Kids: Easy Craft And Christmas Decoration Ideas To Try With Your Little Ones For #MerryMoments

From Santa Claus to Reindeer puppets, here are different Christmas craft ideas to try with your kids this festive season.

Vaishnavi Navalkar

December 24, 2020


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Christmas is just around the corner and since all of us have been staying at home due to pandemic, the best way to keep kids busy is by engaging them in some Christmas activities. You could engage in these Christmas craft ideas by decorating trees and other decorating items with minimal things. From Mini Christmas trees to puppets and owl bubbles, here are different Christmas craft ideas to try and enjoy with your kids.

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Christmas Tree Decorations

Apart from decorating the traditional Christmas trees with the help of candy sticks, decorating balls and other shimmering things, you could make mini Christmas trees too. Cut out cardboard Christmas trees and colour them with the brightest colour in your collection. You could also use straws, chalks and colourful strings to colour your mini Christmas tree. You can also make a Christmas tree using paper straws of green and red colour.

Santa Puppets

Puppets are easy to make and all you need is paper! You can use coloured paper and fold it from the sides. Use an icecream stick to hold your Santa puppet. You can make the eyes of your puppet using readymade eyes or draw one with a sketch pen. If you chose to make a Santa puppet don’t forget to focus on the detailing. Another alternate for making puppets is ice-cream sticks and googly eyes.

Character Bubbles

Decorating bubbles are easily available in the market which are used to decorate the Christmas tree. Cut out some white paper in the shape of two eyes and cut out an orange paper in the shape of a triangle. You could use black buttons to focus on the detailing of your bubble’s eyes. and you Owl bubble is ready. Similarly, you can also make a reindeer bubble by drawing its face with fingerprint and drawing its horns using a sketch pen.

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