Chembarathi’s Priyanka or Pookalam Varavayi’s Sharmila, who do you think is the scarier villain?

While Chembarathi has the ruthless Priyanka, Pookalam Varavayi has the outright evil Sharmila as the show’s villains and here’s who we think is the scarier one among the two.

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February 21, 2021


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Zee Keralam shows have some of the best villains and it adds to the experience. Creating many interesting twists and adding some spice to the stories, these characters with negative intentions make these shows entertaining. While we enjoy watching these entertaining sequences, there are times we wonder how evil some of these characters can get and that is even scary at times. While Chembarathi has the ruthless Priyanka, Pookalam Varavayi has the outright evil Sharmila, and one can only wonder who among the two is scarier.

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If being ‘fearless’ was a competition, it is safe to say that Priyanka from Chembarathi would have won it hands down. She is courageous and her courage makes her one of the worst persons to have on your rivals list. She is driven by the aim of destroying the Thrichambarath family. Priyanka’s character can be defined as a vengeful one as it is her driving force.

Priyanka in Chembarathi (Source: ZEE5)

Even though she is helped by other characters in the show, it is a fact that she is the only person capable of landing straight blows at Akhilandeshwari. Priyanka is a mighty fighter and her intentions make her even worse. From pointing a gun at Krishnan to planting a bomb at Trichambarath, it is clear as the blue sky that there’s no stopping Priyanka.

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However, we think that Sharmila from Pookalam Varavayi takes the prize for being the scariest villain. Winning the very tight competition by only a margin, it is Sharmila’s ruthlessness that lands her the trophy. Sharmila is a mother character for Abhimanyu and it is scary how she managed to make him trust her after having gotten away with the killings of Abhimanyu’s parents. While Priyanka announces her moves and plays mind games with win, Sharmila defines ‘evilness’ by killing off anyone in her way.

Sharmila in Pookalam Varavayi (Source: ZEE5)

The fact that she finished off her own family members and hid her own son for her win, makes her a ruthless villain. She is cunningly manipulative and has a lot of strings to pull, and the same was showcased recently as she managed to get Samyuktha and Ashokan arrested for a crime she committed. Even though she had to step back due to Ashokan’s entry into the family, the day isn’t far away when she strikes back with revenge growing in her mind.

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