Chembarathi: Here’s why Nandana can be the most dangerous person at Trichambarath right now

With her ego hurt by Anand’s actions, here’s why Nandana’s reaction could be dangerous for the people at Trichambarath.

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February 28, 2021


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In a recent episode of Chembarathi, we saw Anand realise the textile company has lost a large amount of money, due to Aravind’s carelessness. Without realising that it is a trap set up by the evil Priyanka, Anand escalated the situation and verbally attacked Aravind. The situation went out of hand, leading the whole family including Krishnan to release their rage on Aravind, thanks to the inattentive behaviour shown by him.

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Now, the situation is tense at Trichambarath. Anand and Aravind, who have been the ideal brothers, might experience a sour turn in their relationship. Even though Aravind was on the receiving end of all the rage, it wasn’t him who was most hurt by the event. Later on, we saw the sore reaction from Nandana who informed Aravind that she felt humiliated that her husband was scolded like an irresponsible child.

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We all know Nandana has changed a lot from her initial behaviour after coming to the family. She has come a long way from her initial days of being quick to anger. From being a problem for Kalyani to becoming her best friend, we saw Nandana go through some serious character changes. However, it seems to go downhill gradually in the last few weeks.

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Earlier, we saw a restless Nandana get agitated about Aravind not returning home after dark, from visiting Das and Kalyani’s house. To add to it, some evil words from Ganga added to the fire and even though Nandana made her quiet, it was inevitable that she began to trust those words. This incident clearly showed how her character is changing for the worst.

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Now the situation at hand is much deeper than the earlier issue which resolved itself. Even if the two brothers talk and settle their differences, the hurt caused to Nandana could cost them. In a worst-case scenario, she could even demand a more prominent position in the company for her husband or even ask him to move out of Trichambarath. Nandana’s hurt ego is currently at its worst and it will be the worst to see Priyanka or Vilasini do something to manipulate her further. As the situation gets more intense at the family, it is a waiting game to see what Nandana does next.

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