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Chembarathi: Here’s why Anand leaving Trichambarath is a sensible move now

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April 17, 2021

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Akhila refusing to recognise Anand as her son was the final proof needed to confirm that his decision to leave Trichambarath was for the best.

In the latest episode of Chembarathi, Anand is overjoyed as he understands Kalyani is out of danger. Upon meeting her, Anand decides to leave Trichambarath and live with Kalyani for the rest of his life. Having made such a big decision, he surprises everyone around but manages to convince them. However, Sivaramakrishnan asks Anand to apologise to Akhila and seek her blessings before leaving and this meeting doesn’t go as planned. Akhila’s heartless reaction to the events stands proof of why Anand leaving the family was the most sensible decision he took.

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Anand who understands the gravity of his decision agrees with Krishnan and reluctantly visits his house. He gets ready to apologise to Akhila, but it falls through as Akhila catches him off-guard. Upon meeting, Akhila refuses to recognise Anand and this leads to an argument between the two. She disowns her son and instead of giving blessings, she curses Anand and asks him to leave. Infuriated by Akhila’s behaviour, he storms out and tells Krishnan that his leaving is what his mother wants.

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Although Krishnan makes a last-minute effort to make Anand stay, he sticks to his decision to leave. Anand finally stands up to his own fears and asks Kalyani to wear her ‘Thali’ and leave with him. Upon enquiry from Dasan, Anand says that he hasn’t decided where to go but makes it clear that he will not return to Trichambarath. Although, depressing this seems to be the most sensible decision Anand has taken in a long time.

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Anand has been the perfect son. Always living by his parent’s words, he never did anything to hurt Akhila and Krishnan. Now, that he has left the house, it is high time that Akhila realises the same. Akhila is currently blinded by her ego, and this is conflicting with the love for her son. If Anand were to stay at Trichambarath with Kalyani, Akhila’s ego would have given them a hard time. As we all know by now, that Anand will not stand and watch Kalyani being treated badly, which is bound to happen someday.

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Apart from Akhila, Vilasini’s presence at Trichambarath could also be vital for this decision. As a member of the family, her eviction from the family wouldn’t happen anytime soon and this would’ve given a tough time to Kalyani. Considering Kalyani’s health and Anand’s need for some peace of mind, the couple leaving the Trichambarath could just turn out perfect for them.

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