Chembarathi 12 November 2020 Written Update: Priyanka predicts Akhila’s death

Vilasini is stunned on hearing Priyanka’s voice note. Priyanka predicts Akhila’s death. To know what happens next on Chembarathi, Watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 Club before TV!


November 11, 2020


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In the previous episode of Chembarathi, Aravind is unable to understand Anand’s motive, which makes him worried. Meanwhile, Vilasini’s words leave Ganga shocked. Later, Anand tries to console Kalyani. The astrologer’s words surprise Vilasini.

 Watch what will happen next on Chembarathi

In the latest episode of Chembarathi, Ganga, Vilasini, and Jayanthi go to meet the astrologer and learn the truth. Ganga requests Vilasini to tell the astrologer to get her horoscope corrected by the astrologer, but Vilasini declines her request. They stop the car midway and open the note that the astrologer had given them. Vilasini is unable to understand the contents of the note. Later, Ganga lashes out at Padma and Anil. Jayanthi overhears their conversation and informs Vilasini about the same. Akhila calls Sujatha and asks her to inform Kalyani to stay ready to go to the temple. Anil and Padma decide to leave the house to get a reaction from Akhila.

Akhila arrives home. Sujatha informs Akhila that Kalyani has left for the temple. Vilasini makes use of this opportunity to emotionally blackmail Akhila. Padma and Anil tell Akhila that they are going to leave. To Vilasini’s surprise, Akhila disregards them and leaves. A livid Vilasini slaps Jayanthi as their plan flops. Meanwhile, Vilasini receives a voice note from Priyanka. Priyanka predicts Akhila’s death in a car accident. Vilasini is stunned on hearing the voice note. Further, Anand receives a call from Sivaramakrishnan while he speaks with Subramaniam. Sivaramakrishnan informs him about an accident.

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