Priyanka Chopra

Actress, Model, Singer

Priyanka Chopra is an actress, singer and producer who has taken the world by storm with her impeccable talents. She’s a global star with millions of fans all earned through her hard work and unmatchable performances. The star has been breaking glass ceilings ever since she entered the industry.


She was the only girl child in her extended family, so she was a spoiled child. Growing up, Priyanka Chopra was very stubborn. She liked telling people no for everything. Her mother had to use reverse psychology to get things done. To get her straight, her parents sent her to a hostel where she stayed from 3rd to 5th.

She was also a chatterbox and used to mimic people. Once, she was in an army mess with her parents when a high-ranking officer burped loudly, and she mimicked him. Her father got her out of there quickly. These two qualities got her named Mithu, which she hates.

Daddy’s Lil Girl

She was spoiled by her father a lot. To her, he was her hero. She would wait for him to come back home on his bullet so that she could have a ride. She craved her father’s attention. In functions such as in AWWA, when he used to sing, she used to ask him to sing the first song looking at her or with her, and she used to sing an African rhyme.

He gifted her a big diamond ring and told her that her future husband had to compete with that. He celebrated the most in all her achievements. Post his demise, Priyanka Chopra engrossed herself in work to deal with it. She also says she feels that he’s always with her.

Grew up Insecure

Born in a Punjabi family with dusky skin, she often felt insecure about her skin colour. But, the girl was amazing in academics and co-curricular. Her parents were doctors in the army, so she developed a distaste for the smell of formaldehyde and the sight of blood. She wanted to be an engineer.

She went to see her aunt in the US, and she was there visiting a school, and the counsellor took an IQ test. She aced it, and the authorities asked her to graduate from their school, and they’ll handle the visa and other formalities.

When in the US, she got into a fight with some African-Americans. They started name-calling and bullying her by writing stuff on her lockers or making fun of her. To avoid them, she used to reach classes early, get out of the building late, and even have lunch in the bathrooms. When her mother came to visit her there, she told her she wanted to return.

Post her return from the US, she had a superiority complex. Living in Bareilly at the time, roaming in jeans and t-shirt too used to attract gazes. So her father had confiscated her western clothes altogether. So she started wearing her father’s shirts and tweaked them to look fashionable.

Miss World

She had to take some photos to send it for a scholarship in Australia. The photographer asked her to do a few other photos as well. Her brother & mother had sent those photos to Femina Miss India to boost her confidence without her knowledge. When she received the call for an interview in Delhi, she told her mother, “Look how beautiful I am, Femina people have called me themselves.”

Her father was only worried that she’s 17 and she shouldn’t be alone. So her mother was there everywhere till she was 23. She became Miss India and then Miss World. She never did modelling, so she had given this 1.5 years, and if she failed, she would go to college.

Being Irreplaceable

She started with movies, got replaced in multiple films till she showed her merit. After five years in the industry, she realized she could perform and contribute to the movie. Being a competitor, she then started breaking records one after another with her incredible performances. She took challenging roles and excelled to be undeniable and irreplaceable. And not only in India, she went on to work in Hollywood and became a global star with her roles in Quantico & Baywatch.


In Bareilly with her parents, she used to frequent villages to provide medical aid to people. Deeds like that inculcated empathy and the will to do work for societal welfare. She is a strong voice to support child welfare and is a part of UNICEF for that. Being a feminist, she does her part to uphold women empowerment in various ways, such as donating to NGOs like Nanhi Kali.

She also donates money to help people suffering from diseases like she donated 5 million to treat cancer patients in Nanavati Hospital. She’s also contributed to environmental protection. She’s a part of government schemes like Swachh Bharat Mission.

Priyanka Chopra, today, is a name that every person knows around the world. She’s an inspiration to many girls due to her achievements and strong character. Putting her mind and soul into her work, she has excelled in all the fields she has entered. She proves that nothing is out of reach.


10 June 1982 (age39) Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India

Active Years

1982 - Today
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