Born Amid Beirut Blast, Baby George Is ‘Light In The Darkness’

Video captured by baby George’s father shows moment of the blast.

Sohil Nikam

August 13, 2020

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The birth of Baby George, born moments after the Beirut blast in a hospital situated very near to the where the explosion took place is being hailed as a ‘light in the darkness.’ The father of the child, Edmond Khnaisser wanted to capture the first moments of his son but inadvertently managed to capture the exact moment the blast hit the hospital while his wife was about to deliver the baby. Brushing off blood and shattered glass, medical staff carried his wife Emmanuelle into the corridor and had the baby delivered.

The blast in Lebanon’s capital, Beirut took place due to a massive cache of ammonium nitrate that was confiscated by the Lebanese Government six years ago. So severe was its impact, that it managed to kill over 170 people and leave more than 3 lakh homeless. Large-scale protests erupted throughout Lebanon and have already led to the resignation of the country’s entire government.

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