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Bollywood Throwback! When Tusshar Kapoor Punched His Sister, Ekta Kapoor!

Tanvi Dhote

May 5, 2021

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Tusshar Kapoor and Ekta Kapoor’s ugly fight once led to the police getting involved. The successful Bollywood siblings were once known for their ugly and brutal fights.

Bollywood has witnessed the banter of many star siblings. But once this fun banter between two siblings turned so ugly that police had to get involved. We are talking about actor Tusshar Kapoor and his elder sister Ekta Kapoor. Turns out Tusshar Kapoor as a kid ended up punching Ekta Kapoor so hard that he broke her nose. In a fit of rage, Ekta Kapoor called the police to her rescue. So, what happened next? Find out below.

Bollywood is famous for its catfights and heated arguments. Many of these fights have now resulted in permanently broken relationships. But not all arguments in the story had an ugly end. As mentioned earlier, many Bollywood siblings in the past have shared some of their wonderful childhood memories with their fans. But one Bollywood sibling pair shared an incident that will make your jaw drop.

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During an appearance on The Kapil Sharma Show, Ekta Kapoor and actor Tusshar Kapoor revealed that they did not get along as kids. Once the two were holidaying with their parents at Tirupati. The two got into an ugly argument, and their argument quickly became a physical fight. In a fit of rage, Tusshar Kapoor ended up punching Ekta and it almost broke her nose. Ekta who could not stop crying, called the reception and soon the police arrived.

Thankfully, since it was a silly sibling argument, Tusshar did not end up being in trouble. But turns out this was not the first time, the Tusshar Kapoor and Ekta Kapoor got into silly arguments. Ekta further detailed that the two could not travel in the same car since they would often argue. Moreover, whenever they would get into arguments right before going to school, their fights would get so bad that their shirts would get crumpled and the two would end up changing their uniforms completely. This would create issues for them at school since they would often arrive late.

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But now the situation is quite different. Tusshar Kapoor’s stint in Bollywood was not as successful as compared to his father Jitendra. Hence now he has joined their family business and works at Balaji Telefilms and other production ventures. Moreover, the two are often spotted together on several occasions and cannot stop calling each other their biggest support systems.

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