Body Image Issues? Anushka Shetty Busts Myths With A Crisp Answer In Size Zero

Superfit Anushka Shetty busts many myths about body image in her film Size Zero. Check out some of them here.

Sneha Bale

April 7, 2020


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The world has been raging loudly with their thoughts and ideas about a woman’s body. Hourglass, Pear, Apple, Inverted Triangle, Straight and the list goes on. These words not only classify women into categories but also plant the seeds of underconfidence in most women. At such a time, Anushka Shetty makes a dent with her film, Size Zero, which is written and directed by the writer-duo director Kanika Dhillon and Prakash Kovalamudi.

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In Size Zero, Anushka plays the role of a woman who does not fall into the societal standards of beauty. Other than gaining multiple kgs to portray the role effectively, the actress also broke the mould in this movie. Sweety is a simple girl who has simple needs. She wants a fruitful and respectful life for herself, and in the process, she ends up breaking multiple myths around body shaming, fat shaming and body image issues.

Right when the film starts, it teaches us that a good foundation is the basis of a great personality. Sweety’s father teaches her to love herself. This remains with Sweety despite the people around her telling otherwise.

A still from Size Zero
A still from Size Zero

No category, label or size chart can define you. Sweety forbids her mother from categorising her each time, and does not give up even after a million failed attempts.  She teaches us that people may say what suits them, but we have to define our own selves.

Urvashi and Anushka in Size Zero
Urvashi and Anushka in Size Zero

There’s a knight in the shining amour for everyone. And more of than not, your knight is the one you see in the mirror. Like everyone, Sweety jumps on the bandwagon to impress a boy. But she digresses and starts working towards impressing herself.

Arya and Anushka in Size Zero
Arya and Anushka in Size Zero

One of our biggest take away from Size Zero is that we create our own world. We are the ones who give others the power to make or break it. And that is why we need to make wiser decisions.

Anushka in Size Zero
A still from Size Zero

But more than everything else, we must learn to love ourselves before we expect others to love us. Watch more such films on ZEE5, and Get Live Updates on Coronavirus Outbreak on ZEE5 News.

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