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Birthday special: A look at Ira star Unni Mukundan’s memorable on-screen characters!

Tom Francis

September 22, 2020

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Here are some of the best characters from Birthday boy Unni Mukundan that you can watch on ZEE5!

Be it his pleasant on-screen presence or his romantic comedies, Unni Mukundan is one of the most familiar young faces from Mollywood. The actor debuted in the industry with the Malayalam movie Mallu Singh and soon became a sensational star with by giving hits like KL-10 Pathu, Style and Ira. Unni is celebrating his 33rd birthday today (September 22, 2020) and on this occasion, let’s try revisiting some of the best characters portrayed on-screen.

Missed out on the Malayalam movie Avarude Raavukal featuring a stunning performance from Unni Mukundan? Watch it here:

Here is our list of the best characters from Unni Mukundan’s Malayalam movies on ZEE5:

  1. Sidharth from Avarude Raavukal
Sidharth from Avarude Raavukal (source:ZEE5)
Sidharth from Avarude Raavukal (Source: ZEE5)

Sidharth from the Malayalam movie Avarude Raavukal is one of Unni Mukundan’s career-best roles. Unlike his other rom-com characters, Sidharth is a self-proclaimed slacker who is also a womaniser. Sidharth is lost in the way of life and meets a mysterious old man who shows him how to succeed with his attitude. For those who love Unni Mukundan’s charming presence on-screen, Sidharth is surely going to be a favourite.

  1. Tom from Style
Unni Mukundan as Tom in Style (source:ZEE5)
Unni Mukundan as Tom in Style (Source: ZEE5)

Tom is an everyday college going youngster who happily lives with his parents. He falls for a beautiful girl from the neighbourhood but finds himself unprepared for the trouble that follows. He has a chance encounter with a dreaded gangster called Fltere Kelly, essayed on-screen by Tovino Thomas. This action-packed thriller is a dose of maximum fun for those who love watching Tovino and Unni Mukundan on-screen!

  1. Ahmed from KL-10 Pathu
Unni Mukundan as Ahmed (source:ZEE5)
Unni Mukundan as Ahmed (Source: ZEE5)

KL-10 Pathu from director Muhsin Prarari is a complete family entertainer. Unni displays one of his best performances on screen as Ahmed in the movie. Ahmed is a football-crazed youngster who falls in love with a girl and elopes with her. Little does he know that his gang of friends are on his trail to stop him from taking such a big decision. KL-10 Pathu is a fun-filled road movie which is a treat for all Unni Mukundan fans out there.

  1. Rajeev from Ira
Rajeev from Ira (source:ZEE5)
Rajeev from Ira (Source: ZEE5)

Unni sheds his chocolate boy looks in the Malayalam thriller movie Ira to essay the role of inspector Rajeev. When a high-profile murder leaves the political atmosphere in shambles, officer Rajeev is assigned to probe into the case. As the investigation develops, Rajeev finds himself in the middle of a spiralling conspiracy that leaves him with a tough choice to make. If you are someone who loves thrillers, Ira featuring Unni and Gokul Suresh is a must watch!

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