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Bigg Boss 15: Shamita Shetty Expresses To Nishant Bhat About Feeling Trapped And Is Tired Of Being Judged By Everyone


November 27, 2021

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With the game getting more serious and intense now at this critical juncture in Bigg Boss 15, Shamita Shetty is seen indulging in a verbal discord with Nishant Bhat about feeling trapped

Bigg Boss 15 is this time getting associated with violent fights, bad words, physical aggression, getting tasks canceled, no aapsi sehmati while making decisions, love angles, and much more which are also wrong reasons and the reason fans were saying this season is so boring and redundant with no zing and spice and it resulted in the show struggling to get in the top 10 shows list and now with the entry of Rakhi, Rashami, Devoleena and Rakhi’s husband Ritesh as the new terrific foursome wildcard entries in the house, the fireworks, and the entertainment factor is going to be seen getting more in the house now.

With three new wildcard entries, Shamita Shetty is seen getting more disappointed, and during her candid conversation with Nishant Bhat, she says how much tired she is of fighting and is also feeling so strapped right now and also added that she feels like going home now along with her brother Rajiv.

In the episode, we would be seeing how the contestants are going to get new unexpected surprises as  the contestants are going to be grilled intensely by host Salman Khan, we will also see how Shamita would be seen talking to Tejasswi and Nishant about the attitude and game plan of the wildcard entries in the house and asks them that since she hasn’t seen them on television but are they really chill and do they indulge in unnecessary fights and on this, Tejasswi reveals that they all don’t fight unnecessarily and are really chill and sorted out people also calling them all as nice people.

Later she says about feeling trapped and reveals while talking to Nishant how much lost and trapped she is feeling and to what level should she fight each day and is tired to fight in the house as people are constantly judging her mentioning how she is controlling and added how there are not just negatives but also positives about her and she is okay with this as she is who she is and now with these wild card entries, she feels lost and on this Nishant telling her to stay strong adds in that so what if two of them are gone but the other two (He and Pratik) are still there for her and will always be there with her.

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