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Bhagya Lakshmi 01 July 2022 Written Update: Aahana tells the truth


July 1, 2022

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Aahana tells Rishi the truth. Gautam’s mother insults Lakshmi, but Rishi rebukes her. Balwinder sneaks into the Oberoi House. To know what happens, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!

In the previous episode of Bhagya Lakshmi, Neelam tells Gautam’s family that Lakshmi is not a good-hearted person and is pregnant with someone else’s child. Rishi and Lakshmi argue at the courthouse’s canteen. Aahana feels guilty about the accusations laid on Lakshmi and walks away from her engagement, surprising everyone. Neelam tries to shout at Rano but she rebukes her well and her replies shut Neelam up. Rano mentions that she will exact her revenge and walks out with Shalu and Neha. At the courthouse, Lakshmi wonders why didn’t Aahana call her and cries as her divorce is about to go through. Meanwhile, Rano speaks with Balwinder, who mentions that he is waiting for Lakshmi as now, she’ll be divorced. The judge signs the divorce documents but Aahana comes at the last moment. 

In the next episode of Bhagya Lakshmi, Aahana interrupts the judge’s decision and tells everyone that divorcing Lakshmi and Rishi would be a gross miscarriage of justice. Rishi asks Aahana what she’s talking about, and she tells him that Lakshmi isn’t pregnant, but she is. Rishi is taken aback and recalls the doctor’s words. Meanwhile, Rano meets Balwinder, who says he is waiting for Lakshmi to divorce Rishi and that because she is pregnant, he will accept and care for her. Rano yells at him but is surprised to discover that Lakshmi’s child is not Rishi’s. She insults him, but he threatens her with a knife. Aahana tells Rishi at the judge’s office that Lakshmi is blaming herself and should not be punished for her error. Aahana claims Gautam has accepted her, but Lakshmi advises her to wait because Gautam’s parents will not be as accepting as he is. She claims that Gautam hasn’t spoken to his parents yet, which is why Lakshmi is in pain. Aahana says she doesn’t want to start a new relationship on lies, and she certainly doesn’t want Lakshmi’s divorce to be finalised. Rishi yells at Aahana for concealing the truth, but Lakshmi intervenes, saying that they should first save Aahana’s engagement. Gautam’s parents announce that they should leave now that Aahana has left. Neelam tries to intervene, and Karishma speaks about family values, but Gautam’s mother taunts them about Lakshmi and even makes a snide remark about Aahana. Aayush intervenes, and Harleen tries to reason with her, but Gautam’s mother refuses to listen and tells her family to leave. Aahana appears at the door, accompanied by Lakshmi and Rishi. Later, Gautam’s mother insults Lakshmi and questions her character, but Rishi intervenes and tells her not to speak to his wife in such a way. Lakshmi pretends to be Aahana and says she wanted her to be present for the engagement. Gautam’s mother agrees, but Neelam informs Lakshmi that she will contact her after the engagement is completed. Later, Rano makes a scene at her house because of the insult she received and scolds Lakshmi. Shalu supports Lakshmi, but Rano is enraged by her. She warns Shalu not to irritate her and to get Bani to press her feet. Balwinder waits for Lakshmi outside the Oberoi House and then breaks in to find her.

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