Best of 2020: A Look At How Agga Bai Sasubai’s Soham Used Different Antics To Grab Asawari’s Attention

Soham has always been up to something to grab Asawari’s attention. Here are some of the antics he used to grab her attention and create misunderstandings between her and Abhijeet.

Vaishnavi Navalkar

December 29, 2020



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Agga Bai Sasubai’s Soham loves his mother dearly and is quite possessive about her, and does not like sharing her with anyone. Ever since Asawari married Abhijeet, Soham’s possessiveness for his ‘aai‘ has only intensified with every episode. Besides resenting Abhijeet, he even started creating problems in their married life and went from being a pampered boy to a ruthless man. Fearing he’s losing her attention, here are different ways he tried to have it back.

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When he bought all the pumpkins in the market:

Recently, Asawari’s special dish, Gharge became popular amongst the customers who visited her little hotel Annapurna. She visits the market with Abhijeet, to buy a few pumpkins for her dish for the day. However, Soham arrives and offers the vendors double the price for all the pumpkins. Disappointed, she leaves the market empty-handed.

When he acted like a beggar:

Asawari raised Soham with love, devotion and nurtured good values in him. However, Soham turned out to be the complete opposite of this. When Asawari realised that Soham had been making a fool out of her, she was adamant on changing him. She stopped giving him money and made sure he was forced to work. However, Soham came up with an antic and behaved like a beggar to grab her attention.

The Dusshera antic:

Soham believes that Abhijeet is the one who came in between him and his mother. On the occasion of Dusshera, Soham decides to burn Abhijeet’s photo along with the Ravana. However, Soham’s pictures get burnt along with the Ravana, making him the villain again.

The way he created differences between Abhijeet and Asawari:

Soham created many differences between Asawari and Abhijeet to separate them but failed every time. For an instance, he created many misunderstandings between them which made Abhijeet leave the house. He did it for the sake of her attention.

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