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Bang Baang Review: #HateMates Ruhi Singh-Faisal Shaikh’s Action Thriller Is The Best Thing To Binge-Watch This Republic Day!

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January 25, 2021

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Meera is a badass cop, Raghu is a smooth criminal and Bang Baang is full of action sequences and murder mysteries. Here’s what we liked!

ZEE5 newest action-thriller series, Bang Baang just started streaming and you’re in for one hell of a ride. From an extremely catchy background score, fast-paced action sequences to sizzling hot chemistry, this new web series is here to serve! Starring Ruhi Singh as Meera, the cop and Faisal Shaikh as Raghu the dashing criminal, these #HateMates takes us all the way to Udaipur on a spine-tingling murder mystery.

The series begins with the entry of Raghu’s kickass entry in a boxing ring. In his first scene itself, one can tell that he’s a charming devil and can knock you out literally and figuratively. He receives an anonymous text message that reminds him of an incident that occurred five years ago in Udaipur. Later that day, he also receives a warning from a friend, Ajay, about not coming back and is also being watched by someone who implies that Raghu is a killer. Raghu is disturbed and confused and goes to Udaipur to find answers.

Meera’s entry is glamourous and absolutely killer. She’s shown to be getting ready for a social event and yet there are flashes of her in athleisure and she also has tough look on her face. The viewers are given the impression that she needs to be taken seriously. In Udaipur, Rohan and Meera are engaged and on the same day, remains of a female are found with some things that point to King Dhanraj’s royal family and to Raghu.

When Meera and Raghu meet, the fight scene that takes place in her house is really well done. The director really wanted to bring out the pair’s sizzling hot chemistry and from the first moment on, we can see Meera’s tough girl act falling apart bit by bit courtesy his charm. There are many scenes where Raghu is spotted with girls and of course, he is flirty, but he doesn’t cross a line and is quite respectful which is nice to see.


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Meera and her boss, Jatin, take a look at the pictures of the reunion night where Ramona (the female whose body was found) was last seen at, five years ago. Rohan believes that Raghu could be proper suspect and should be questioned. But Meera also finds another suspicious person, Siddharth Mehra. But when Ajay is killed by a hooded man, and more is looked up into the past, it is revealed that Monisha, the young wife of King Dhanraj used to visit Ajay often. Is Monisha the one behind all these murders? Or is it someone else entirely?

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Just when the police confirm their suspicions on Monisha and Raghu and Meera are on her tail, she gets killed by an unknown person. This seems to happen a lot in the series. Any person who’s remotely connected to these murders is killed by an unknown person, covered in a black hoodie and a black mask. Now Raghu and Meera must join forces to find out the truth behind this whole mystery in this royal town.

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The series does a great job at holding the suspense till the very end. Who we believe is the culprit turns out to be a dead-end instead. Ruhi Singh as Meera shows us how difficult it is to believe that a person they once knew could be something completely different. Through her character, the makers also try to showcase the life of a female police officer and how she must be tough at all costs or she will be subjected to infinite questions and constant criticisms. She is tough as a nail and is very capable of protecting herself and others.

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Meera gets a whole car chase sequence and shootout to herself and it is a really great part of the episode. It is refreshing to see women in such tough roles. Meera isn’t afraid to shoot or punch someone in the face and Ruhi does justice to the character. She swears when she wants to and yells when she wants to. Even when it comes to Raghu, she keeps her walls up and does not want to be wrong again.

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Debutant Faisal Shaikh has his own experiences with acting, courtesy his TikTok videos but this one’s different. His charisma and his goofy street-style mannerisms will remind you of  Varun Dhawan, Ranveer Singh and even Govinda. Raghu’s eccentricity is something that Faisal really brings out well. A special mention must be given to the flawless action sequences that the newcomer does. He does them with the ease of a veteran action hero and we see great things for him in the future.

The background score is killer and comes at the right moment in many episodes. The sets are gorgeous, the location of Udaipur really amps up the aesthetic quotient in the series. The dialogues are engaging and the direction really keeps the story going forward without making it look stretchy and boring. The makers did a great job at keeping the audience hooked till the very last episode and that is exactly what one must expect from an action-thriller!

Watch Bang Baang to see if Meera and Raghu catch the real culprit behind the crimes and if they do, can they put everything behind and start something new?

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