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Athiya Shetty Spills Beans On Being Body-Shamed In The Past; Feels It Took Her A Lot Of Time To Gain Self Confidence – DEETS INSIDE


December 21, 2021

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Many Bollywood Divas have been subjected to body shaming in their careers. Recently Athiya Shetty opened up about facing the same and she dealt with it

Society is full of preconceived concepts and beliefs that we are expected to follow. Bollywood actresses are frequently confronted with these difficulties. While they are praised for their outstanding performances, they are also subjected to criticism over their bodies, physical appearance, and other factors.

Celebrities have also been exposed to body shaming for being perhaps too fat or too thin, for possessing an unattractive body type or being too flawless. Athiya Shetty previously said that she was a recipient of body shaming as a youngster because she appeared a certain way and that it required her considerable time to regain her shattered conviction.

“Being flawed is your own ideal,” the actor said, adding that flaws are a sign of being mortal and that there’s nothing wrong with inadequacies. “It is significant to assist society to comprehend that not everyone is equivalent, so she thinks it’s more voiced about for women than for men to possess various body types.” “All males don’t need to be robust and look a specific way because being a certain way might be difficult at times, and you mustn’t have to experience that,” she said.

Athiya also revealed that she was subjected to fat-shaming when she was younger, recalling her experiences. People must understand that body-shaming is not only related to being obese but also to being thin. She has always believed that making comments about someone’s size, looks, or anything else that can make them feel insecure is unacceptable.”

“Our comments have such an effect on people and our daily lives,” the Hero star stated, emphasizing the significance of carefully picking words. It’s critical to be nice and recognize that whatever we feel manifests itself in our daily activities and actions, and it can even come from a subliminal source. As a result, one must be cautious about how they remark and whatever they say about others.

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She stated, “she used to be very, very careful of her body, and I still am but she is a lot better because she is a lot more secure about herself and who she is as a person now,” when asked about her recovery process.

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