Gadget Guru Ganesha: A Fun Animated Show Which Merges Friendship And Technology

A show dedicated to the next-gen kids, that teaches them the importance of friendship while they go through some mind-boggling experiences thanks to some amazing gadgets!


August 15, 2020


2 min


ZEE5 has come up with a brand new show called Gadget Guru Ganesha, dedicated to its young audience. It’s the story of a few young children who have become orphans. They live together in a big bungalow in the middle of Fun city, known as India House. It belongs to the Retired General Garam Singh and his wife Prema Ji, whom the kids lovingly call Dada Ji and Dadi Ji. The children, along with the elders all live in harmony as one big family, in the India House.

You can watch the show here:

Among the children is Guru, a seven-year-old intelligent boy who has a soft toy of Ganesha. He plays around with his friends while trying to create amazing gadgets for himself and others. But, Guru holds a secret that only the other children in the orphanage get to know about, and the adults continue to believe it’s just a toy. Ganesha is not just a toy, but an alive being that makes super cool gadgets easily, and solves the difficult problems in their life. Thanks to Guru and Ganesha, the other children and him go through some mind-boggling experiences, while dealing with their issues along the way. 

The children in the India House are very close to each other, going on adventures and learning new things as they go. Ganesha’s gadgets bring them even more closely, as they are introduced to experiences they had never thought possible. They even battle the evil scientist Cry Baba that lives to the opposite of India House, defeating him and preventing sadness from spreading in their neighbourhood, under the smart leadership of Guru. With fun exploits and explosive antics, this combination of friendship and technology is sure to be a reminder of our own childhood days! 

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