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Allu Ramendran: 4 scenes from the Kunchako Boban starrer that are going to leave you in splits

Tom Francis

November 15, 2020

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Allu Ramendran featuring Kunchacko Boban should definitely be on your watchlist! Here’s why.

Featuring Kunchacko Boban in the lead role, the Malayalam movie Allu Ramendran tells the story of a police officer trying to track down an unusual culprit. Being a police driver, Ramendran’s duty is disturbed by back to back punctures on his police jeep and soon a nickname is inflicted upon his regarding the same. Trying to fetch his lost reputation, this police officer gets into some of the most hilarious circumstances. For everyone who enjoyed Kunchacko Boban’s portrayal of Allu Ramendran, here are #4 hilarious scenes to re-watch from the Malayalam movie!

#1 Funniest trip with Ramendran

Tired of the back to back punctures on his police jeep, Ramendran takes an oath to find the culprit who is pranking him. In a quirky move, he takes puncture repairman Sathya with him on a trip to the nearby junction and informs the crowd that he is going through the nearby road. A confused Sathya is amused by Ramendran’s intelligence as he explains that he has noted everyone in the junction and their jeep will be punctured if his suspicions are right. Hilarious moments follow as his jeep gets punctured just like Ramendran suspected.

#2 Ramendran takes the funniest revenge

Jithu is a local football hero and is also planning on getting married to Ramendran’s sister in the movie. When Ramendran finds out that Jithu was lying about his job abroad to marry his sister, he feels betrayed. Ramendran takes revenge in the funniest way possible as he asks Jithu to score a self-goal in the upcoming football match thus messing up his reputation with his teammates. What a fun way to take revenge! Watch the funny scene from the Malayalam movie Allu Ramendran here!

#3 Sadya trouble

In this super fun scene Ramendran finds out that it was Jithu all along making his life difficult with the punctures. Ramendran finds Jithu and casually asks him what he prefers for his marriage reception. As they talk about Sadya, Ramendran casually reminds him of the punctures and how all the clues make the culprit. The scene changes into a quick chase as Ramendran runs behind Jithu. Unfortunately, Ramendran falls into an uncovered well during the chase scene.

#4 Serious mode from Ramendran

This scene from the Malayalam movie Allu Ramendran is surely going to be a treat for all Kunchacko Boban fans. As he is called a loser by everyone in the village Ramendran takes a long leave from work and stays at his house. When a fight breaks out during the festival at the temple, Ramendran shows his true heroic nature by breaking off the fight and arresting a few goons. Watch this fun scene from the movie here!

So, which was your favourite scene from the Malayalam movie Allu Ramendran starring Kunchacko Boban? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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