Aggabai Sasu Bai: 5 Heartwarming Moments That Prove Soham’s Stepfather Abhijit Is A Good Man And A Doting Dad

On Aggabai Sasu Bai, while we wait for Soham and Abhijit to make amends, here are few heartwarming moments between the duo.

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December 9, 2020



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Even though, in Aggabai Sasu Bai, everything is not smoothly sailing between Abhijit and Soham most of the times, we cannot forget a few moments shared between the two leading men on the show that led us to believe that one day, Abhijit and Soham might just get along. In a recent episode, Abhijit and Asawari visited Abhi’s kitchen and left an extra tip for their meal. Even though Soham became furious at this gesture, we cannot help but wonder if Abhijit did this purely out of goodwill. He may not be Soham’s real father but somewhere in his heart, he does have a soft corner for Soham and we cannot wait for the two of them to make amends.

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While we await for Soham and Abhijit to make amends, here a few heartwarming moments between the duo that prove Abhijit is nothing but a doting dad to Soham –

1.  Abhijit and Soham cooked together

Remember the time when Asawari’s favorite boys got scolded for watching TV together? Well, that led to both of them stepping into the kitchen and preparing a meal for Asawari and Shubhra. While the meal turned out just fine, it also created a bond between Abhijit and Soham.

2. Soham hugs Abhiit

While in the kitchen, Soham and Abhijit have a great time together and bond to an extent that Soham even hugs Abhijit! That would have certainly left the audience teary-eyed. Even though Soham claims to hate Abhijit, we know that at this moment, he saw a father figure in Abhijit.

3. Soham feeds Abhijit

Clearly, the bonding was not limited only to the kitchen. After the meal was prepared and set on the dining table, Soham fed Abhijit with his own hands. It not only left Asawari in tears, Shubhra too got emotional just like the rest of us who witnessed this moment.












4. Abhijit as a mentor to Soham

Abhijit has taught many lessons to Soham in terms of life, love, money, education, and career. Father goals much? Even though Soham would snap back at Abhijit, he never stopped trying to teach Soham lessons on whatever he could. Is it not exactly what a doting father would do?

5. Abhijit’s concern about Soham’s education

Abhijit used to be very concerned about Soham’s education. He would do so many tricks and apply so many tactics to get Soham to study and get a good education. Putting efforts into ensuring that your child gets a good education is parenting 101 and Abhijit aced it!

Abhijit has tried loving Soham like his own son and we hope that soon enough, they resolve their issues and unite as a family.

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