Agga Bai Sasubai: Times When Shubhra Proved That She’s An Ideal Partner For Soham

Shubhra has always proved to be the perfect partner for Soham because she stood by him on his bad days and even when he hurt her. Here are times when Shubhra proved to be an ideal wife.

Vaishnavi Navalkar

January 17, 2021



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Shubhra from the show Agga Bai Sasubai has proved to be an ideal wife and an ideal daughter-in-law time and again. She has managed to stick the family together and keep them happy with her bubbly nature. She soon became everyone’s favourite, not only on-screen but off-screen too. Shubhra became best friends with her mother-in-law Asawari and also helped her find the love of her life. She helped Abhijeet Raje and Asawari come together and played a cupid in their love story. Apart from being an ideal daughter-in-law, Shubhra has proved she’s an ideal wife too. Here are times when Shubhra stood by Soham as his rock-solid support.

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After Shubhra and Soham got married, he lost his job and had been unemployed for several months. Soham was the only earning member in the Kulkarni family and when he lost his job, Shubhra helped them financially. She never made Soham feel inferior and took care of him dearly. Soham grew frustrated because of losing his job but Shubhra handled his mood swings with love and always respected him.

There were many instances when Soham spoke to Shubhra rudely and also asked her to leave the house. However, it was Asawari who stopped her from doing so. There were several instances when Shubhra exposed Soham and taught him a lesson, and this proves she’s as an ideal partner for him since she stands by him when he needs her and teaches him lessons when he’s wrong.

Currently, on the show, Soham is guilty of all the mistakes he has done in the past. He wants to make things right and is changing himself to please all the people he has hurt in the past, including Shubhra. As Ajoba finds out about each of Soham’s mistake, the latter is scared to face them alone. And Shubhra who took vows to be by his side even on his worst days kept her words and is currently facing Ajoba’s wrath, as she stands by Soham like a dutiful wife.

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